How to Easily Create a Multilingual WordPress Site

How to Easily Create a Multilingual WordPress Site
Step 1: Install and activate the plugins
Step 2: Go to WPML languages options and select current language and click next.
Step 3: Select the language you would like to add and click next button.
Step 4: Specify the location and click below in next button
Step 5: We have set options of wpml, Now we should go to WPML – Theme and plugins localization.
Step 6: Select the way you would like to set translations for wordpress engine and click save button.
Step 7: In language local setting click on check now button
And after the click the review changes and updates in below check now button and after that click the proceed button in bottom of the page.
Step 8: Now we can see that translation for theme is missing we should upload .mo file to wp-content/languages folder.
Getting the .mo file click on this link download the Spanish wordpress after the download go to wordpress folder wp-content/languages/, these two files are upload in cpanel to your theme/language folder/
After that check the language local setting the file is exists.
Step 9: Now we should go to translation options
Click on translate radio button and save.
Step 10: Let’s check how we can translate pages. Go to pages section and open home page click to translate
We have changed some titles just as example. You can go ahead and translate all text.
Now we can sync menus go to wpml->wp menus sync
Then click on sync button. And after that select the menu items.
After that click on apply changes.
Check your pages you create the different language
Step 11: Now check the live website
Click the dropdown and see the changes content in Spanish language.

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