SEO for Gambling and Casino Websites

The online gambling is a tough field to compete, which needs the SEO specialist to work long and hard to rank for the leading search engines as well as SEO skills and sufficient marketing experience. As a white-hat-SEO specialist, I do not think there is short-cuts to take. The spam is a waste of time and energy, the footprints are easy for Google to detect. After identifying one website in a network, Google could easily follow the trail and penalize every website involved in the link building scheme. I have been careful to build links too quickly, to start slowly and build up speed later that looks natural. No matter what I do, it will take at least 6 to 12 months of hard work to reach highly visible ranking, and the company should have the finance to implement these strategies. Please understand SEO specialist is not a salesman to fix your search ranking quickly. Please do not think me a “miracle plugin” to magically transform your website into a traffic volume. Hopefully we can meet the same mindset to SEO, SEO is not something you do once. It is an on-going process. Do not think everything I do in SEO will work. I need time to continue what is working and stop what is not. The SEO work starts with understanding the end users –not simply in keyword research, not in website audits, not in client goals.

There are many keywords limitations and strict censorship to the online gambling business, but business always play as a business way, which means most of the standard SEO principles still apply, for example, Google’s algorithm considers just under 200 factors when determining the order in which to display search results. I cannot make a detailed SEO analysis sheet right away, but I can present a rough outline to show my idea how to start the gambling competition research:

Number and percentage of no-follow links
Number and percentage of follow links
Links from high authority root domains
Text links
Image links
Links to homepage
Links to internal pages
URL anchor texts
Broad anchor texts (majority)
Social metrics
Links from domains with the country

I will go through historic rankings on SEM Rush and check how the site has performed over time.
Since not everybody is willing to link to a gambling site, how to get the relevant authority sites? Instead of inserting your link on an unrelated page, I will write about a gambling related topic and link to one of the internal pages having covered that news. Here are some ideas as an example to build a network of sites around gambling industry, I am able to build sites that talk about:
Gambling news
The biggest gambling wins
Gambling addiction help
Casino rules
Game rules
Casino Interior design
Gambling business success/failure stories
Casino bonuses review
Sports betting review
Biggest jackpots
Payment methods of gambling site
News about physical casinos or hotels that have casinos
Gambling law in different countries

The next step I am going to do is to use Hotjar to record visits and try to know how customers interact along with your authority websites. I will be able to examine that there are some factors of your websites with which customers seldom interact, eliminate or repair it. I will also discover that certain factors receive a first-rate deal of interest. Boom the prominence of these elements to hold users clicking and viewing them. You do not want people landing in your website to leave your website and hold their search on Google! That tells Google they didn’t honestly discover what they were seeking out, or they have been disappointed for some reason.

How to avoid too much focus on “landing page keyword”?
This is a place pretty much all gambling sites fail at. There is too much focus on ranking for singular keywords or small amount of phrases by targeting them to heavily, and in most cases, over optimized landing pages. Let me give another example, we need to rank for “online gambling in Manila”, here is what usually happens….
Url created: gambling in manila/
Title tag: Online Gambling in Manila
H1 tag: Online Gambling in Manila
H2 tag: Online Gambling in Manila
Body content: 200-300 words to include 3x [play Online Gambling in Manila], 2x [fun play online gambling in Manila] and 1 x [best place to play online gambling in Manila].
Internal links: Set to [Online Gambling in Manila]
External links: Set to [Online Gambling in Manila]
Image Alt tag: [Online Gambling in Manila]

Let us analyze the situation. All these focus is simply too apparent to Google that you are trying too hard to focus a particular search phrase in the Google search results. What makes matters difficult is that all your competitors are doing the same; consequently, it makes it more difficult for Google to distinguish differentiators and rank the better content. The gambling websites should examine what their competitors are doing for content, typically ignore it and create online gambling content this is unique, relevant to the readers, converts and exclusive to their competitors. These key-word rich landing pages continually have a tendency to be skinny on content. Your content material should meet your customers and reflect your brand not for Google’s keyword tool statistics.

As to the content strategy, I usually start an audit to the existing content and ask the following questions:
What value does this page offer?
Does this page have a high bounce rate?
Does this page generate revenue?
Does this page load slowly?
Has this page been had any multi variant testing?
Do users engage with this page?
Does this page work on mobile / tablet?

How to improve the website user experience

Through every step of your sales-funnel, I will first of all determine the areas of friction, secondly to give answers to improve the buying cycle. This could subsequently and efficiently to decrease the bounce rate of the traffic and boost conversions. I will do the general evaluation and propose some suggestions to improve the website user experience. Designing an attractive interface to your online gambling site is critical for supporting customers attain their dreams and generate movement towards obtaining the business goals. One of my SEO duties is to collect and feedback the sales funnel to the marketing manager in order to improve better UX. The final purpose of a casino website is to assist the visitors attain their targets and take movement towards achieving their objectives.

Mobile / Tablet Optimized friendly to users
In order to make visitors engage and lead to a higher conversion rate, I usually check whether the blog or community content is mobile/ tablet friendly since the gambling companies often make brilliant mobile/ table APP for gambling on their platform. There is rise of mobile tech pushing user experience to the online casino entertainment. Many businesses and industries are now offering their services to mobile device.

Begin with few options to users
I will check whether your website offer only the main options to the first visitors. At the very beginning, if there were too many options to be given, the users might get hesitated in the busy comparing and lead to decision delayed. The ultimate goal of any user interface is to allow efficient operation and manage of the device while the machine concurrently feeds back information which allows the decision-making procedure of the operators.

Users’ reaction to different colors
Let us understand the colors and its impact on users. Colors emote various things, while some imply energy, some imply trust and playfulness. Ideally, colors have a drastic impact on the website’s rate of conversion. In the mind of customers, every color has a specific meaning. For example, green is a color which depicts growth and balance, orange depicts optimism and social communication and blue is the color of peace and trust.

Users want to see real people
We often find happy people faces won a huge fortune on most casino websites. If the owners of e-commerce websites associate the websites with photos of real people, this generates trust and reliability. Let me help you test whether the images will impress any credibility to the audience or not. Create a landing page with the photo of a real person and another one without such a photo, the result will soon find people reacting. So, it has been proved that adding photos of real people leaves a positive impact on trustworthiness of the visitor. Moreover, photos of real people also motivate them emotionally as well.

Focus on the placement of Call to Actions
Let me check an action from the side of the user. While a user visits your website, you will certainly make him either sign up with your site or place order or subscribe. Call to Actions should be clickable buttons and they should be of the right color to lure attention.

Let users easily scan your website
Within a few second of coming into your website, the users should be able to watch out for the services and products provided by you. Do not make sudden or huge adjustments to your website as this scare and confuse your clients. Retain the ultimate look and feature of your website since this is the important element of your website.

Customer-first should be shown in detail
Let me check your website details, such as, Q&A, search, game rules, contact details, even access to the account. Some details might create obstacles for users to quickly and easily find the right information or get in touch with the operator. If customers find it difficult to locate them, it may prompt them to look for alternatives from the competition. These functions need to be displayed in the menu as clearly as possible, following the most conventional and convenient UX design principles to help the user. For example, offering Live Chat at the bottom of the window or accessing the account from the top menu.

Listening to users’ feedback
One of the most effective techniques of discovering what design or layout works is carrying out user testing. Getting actual clients to share their feedback with the online casino can be very valuable. It allows operators to find out what their main goals are for engaging with them, whether they experience any difficulties and what improvements they want to see in the future. The SEO specialists can spend some time on user testing, collecting and reporting to the decision makers before any major change to ensure that it will appeal to their customers and will work according to the business objectives.

Checking video speed or whether it can be shown on the website
It is good idea to use video at website, but please consider some expected reasons may lead your videos cannot be opened fast and even no shown on the website. I can help you check out the reasons whether it is because of poor internet provider or firewall blocking. Therefore, one way of retaining customers could be with improved UX, making sure the journey is simple, enjoyable and offers a great gaming experience. This will significantly increase customer retention, as well as the bottom line.

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