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baijiahao marketing

What is Baidu Baijiahao (Baijia Horn) ?
Baidu Baijiahao is a Chinese blog platform launched by Baidu in 2016. Baidu Baijiahao opens to the registered users to post audio, videos, text and infographics contents free. Baidu is the world's largest Chinese search engine, a platform of 10 billion level of traffic, that is why to attract large amounts of content creators. Anybody can apply to Baijiahao, but only quality users can pass the registration, including individual, enterprises, Governments and non-profit organizations and other educational institutions.

Why to use Baidu Baijiahao (Baijia Horn) ?

Baijiahao is another content farm of Baidu. There is no better choice in China for search engine optimization because Baidu has dominated the Chinese search ecosystem. Baidu Knows (the question-and-answer platform) and Baidu Baike (Chinese Wikipedia) belong to Baidu’s own family of sites. Baijiahao is Baidu’s blog platform for independent writers, bloggers, freelancers, business brands and journalists. Baijiahao business model is to let bloggers earn money through advertising, instead of direct pay from Baidu.

Baidu search engine overemphasizes on its own ecosystem. Baidu’s algorithms always feature its own content pool. The first page search results always return from the relevant Baidu Baike, Baijiahao. Your visibility under Baidu search results is not simply because of its content quality, but because whether you have place it to a right place.

Build your content on Baidu’s own “walled gardens”. Baijiahao (another translation Baijia Horn) works as an influential social media platform like WeChat and Weibo. Baidu’s competitors do not allow Baidu access to their sites and data. Even Chinese ecommerce sites, such as Taobao, keep Baidu from indexing their website. That has pushed Baidu with little choice but to respond by developing its own similar platforms and building a walled garden of its own data pool.

Obvious commercial contents are strictly banned. Why does Baijiahao strictly punish all promotional purpose articles and videos? The reason is because of Baidu business model: Baidu is trying to turn itself into a marketing platform. Baidu wishes all users coming to use its search functionality inside its own walled garden, then Baidu is able to profit from the views and clicks. If the blogger and influencers create content with obvious promotional sales, even adding Wechat barcode or Taobao links, that would break its rules, let alone to lead part of the traffic flow to its competitors. Please do not let Baidu feel his cakes are shared. Baidu needs large amounts of quality independent free-paid authors, but Baidu does not want obvious profit-driven digital marketing contents.

Module 1 How to do Baidu Baijiahao (Baijia Horn) marketing?
Unit 1 Things to know before your starting baijiahao marketing
Unit 2 What is Baijiahao Enterprise Authority Certification? Why important?
Unit 3 How do foreign company register Baijiahao account?
Unit 4 Tips to operate your Baijiahao marketing well
Unit 5 Reasons your Baijiahao account easily banned
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