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Why Baidu SEO Matters

What is Baidu?

Baidu is Chinese version of Google, a leading search engine that occupies a search market percentage of above sixty eight percent in China. It became founded in 2000 with the aid of the Chinese search engine scientist and entrepreneur Robin Li. Whilst Google is the dominant search engine in most countries, only two point three percent of all searches in China occur at the Western search giant. This could be due to part reasons being blocked by China's using the superb Firewall, however even earlier than the block was started, they did not stand a very strong position. Instead, local search engines have ruled in China.

Search Engine Leader in China

One of the principal reasons Baidu has ruled the market is their capacity to parse and interpret Chinese language text more efficiently than other SERPRS (for example Google), leading to higher-best outcomes. Baidu search engine has the biggest index of Chinese internet pages in the global, and indeed is totally Chinese language-centered. The user interface is best available in simplified Chinese, and gives a good deal better precedence to Chinese language sites. Only a few non-Chinese language web sites are even covered inside the index or lower back in search engine consequences.

Big Internet Ecosystem

Baidu has evolved right into a large internet ecosystem with a big range of internet services and products, inclusive of web search, cloud computing, cellular search, pay-per-click on advertisement, website mapping app, news search, picture search, video search, query-and-answer, internet analytics, translation service, web browser, travel websites, post bar and web-based wiki and affiliates. Much like Google, Baidu makes the significant majority of its revenue with the aid of promoting advertisements on its search result pages and ad community. That is why Baidu SEO plays important role because your potential customers use Baidu to find out the internet in China each day. Click to read the differences between Baidu and Google's algorithm.

Why work with us

We know more Baidu Techniques

Baidu is a Chinese search engine, made by Chinese, and utilized by Chinese. At the start, Baidu became higher to index the Chinese characters. Baidu, for a quite a long time, had one step in advance on its competitor Google, at the language. Baidu nevertheless has a close cooperation with the Chinese government and recognize the policies of censorship. Baidu often censored effects, pornographic content but additionally materials which is no longer accepted as true with the politic of the government.

Baidu offers a favorable bonus to web sites hosted in China before and now turns into a must. Baidu takes under consideration the meta description, whilst Google much less (or not). Baidu does not take social links under consideration (except its own forums), Google will do it greater. Baidu will have an impact on with hands a few results, whilst Google no longer (even though it's a Google Bombing). Baidu gives a higher value to the homepage, Google now not a lot. Baidu did now develop copy Penguin or Panda, now it's the party of backlinks.

SEO Strategies- Think as Chinese Logic

Some Baidu guidelines would possibly sound different from Google. To be able to assist our customers rank on the first page of Baidu, we have to observe the Chinese common sense, have the whole thing in Chinese. We help you set up your server hosted in China. We assist you be aware of the politic of Chinese back-links, be cautious to keep away from a few forbidden words, be truly competitive on acquisition of hyperlinks. We shall set up a limited campaign of Pay Per Click so one can get an advantage of Trustrank (sure it does exist in China). Baidu uses a site credibility device that presents the extent of accept as true with it has for a site of their SERP snippet. Websites ought to practice specifically for the paid badge, and is normally most effective available for paid search customers. It is uncertain whether this badge has effect on organic ranking. Many accept as true that Baidu does not treat it as a ranking factor, however it can genuinely enhance your website's search appearance and click-through rate. We also want to put yourself on less competitive key phrases to get an opportunity to appear on the first pages (without PPC ads).


Ethical SEO Methods -White Hat Only

Due to the fact Baidu knows the Chinese people, a few Chinese SEO experts recognize Baidu and discover "technical tricks"(a black hat SEO method). We do not do whatever that violates the rules of SERPS. Our Baidu search engine optimization specialists will recognize your target audience and custom make Baidu search engine optimization solutions for your business and your target market. We allow you to construct long-term success in Chinese SEO, and to improve the profitability of your enterprise.

Affordable Chinese SEO Services

We search for approaches to make the most out of your advertising budgets, that is why our offerings have emerged as popular. We do not make false promises and we usually deliver the best results. We are able to best promise what we recognize we will deliver to your website. You will be tough-pressed to discover a better personnel as skilled or as proficient like us. Our revel in with SEO and digital marketing facilitates us in delivering visible results.


Full Ownership of Website Account

You own your website and social media accounts even when not operating with us. We shall help you open the official website, China social media account, registration and verification in your behalf. As soon as the account is registered, we are able to additionally set it up along with your enterprise data and feature it customized, so it could efficaciously deliver your brand image to the target market. The content approach is based at the goals you want to achieve through social media marketing. Whilst the plan is ready, we are able to prepare content material and campaigns in step with the targets and enforce them for you. Search engine optimization has an extensive network of social media key opinion leaders from diverse industries in China. We are able to assist you source suitable candidates and negotiate the excellent deals for you.

How We help

Chinese Website Design and Localization

We shall speak to you to comprehend your needs and the Chinese audience. We will evaluate new analytics collectively, do competitor research, talk mission timeline and expand a tailor-made Baidu search engine optimization strategic plan for you. In the eye of creating good user experience Chinese website, our expert will provide the solutions of Chinese website design and development, localization, Chinese domain name registration and website hosting.

Due to the fact that it's uncommon to see a non-Chinese website to rank for Chinese language queries, we shall help you localize your website as Baidu's algorithm, consisting of choosing server location, content language, top-level domain, business address, backlinks, citations - pretty much the whole lot could be higher for Baidu search engine optimization if it's from China or in Simplified Chinese. Some other reason why overseas websites no longer hosted in China have trouble rating on Baidu is that connections and speeds to remote servers outside of Mainland China may be very unreliable due to the Great Firewall.


Off-Site Search Engine Optimization

Hyperlink building is a powerful method for off-site search engine optimization and relevance is its key. We are able to create back links and drive target site visitors and value to your website. Our Off-site SEO will provide the service, picking out the specific resources to place the natural inbound hyperlinks: applicable forums to your industry, blogs to earn applicable hyperlinks, China social media platforms, such as Weibo (equal of Twitter in China) in particular Sina Weibo, Renren (equal of facebook in China), Youku & Tudou (equal of YouTube in China) etc. Click here to research more China social media platforms.

Baidu Integrated Marketing

In China's internet marketplace, Baidu platforms cannot go neglected as Baidu has several systems that rank very excessive in Baidu SERPS and may benefit your enterprise income. Our Baidu digital marketing will provide Chinese search engine optimization services with the aid of using Baidu platforms inclusive of Baidu Zhidao (question-and-answer), Baidu Tupian (Image), Baidu Baike (WiKi), Baidu Tieba (Post bar), Baidu Kongjian (Zone) and others. Click to read more explanation of Baidu platforms.


Performance Tracking

Performance monitoring is essential for your business, not only does it permit us keep updated you wherein we have been, but also set goals for next coming steps. We use Baidu Tongji (Analytics) or Google Analytics, which can be each effective monitoring systems, up to date examine the most dependable data, so that we will come to know the trends and take movement to constantly improve the overall performance.

Ongoing Reporting & Improvement

Based at the overall performance tracking, we will offer you with customized month-to-month reviews, which include statistics approximately overall site traffic and tendencies, landing web page stats, rankings for target keywords, Baidu complete digital marketing performance, target Chinese audience engagement and so on.

How SEO Work?

More Options. No Obligations.

Pay as you go. No long term contracts. Cancel anytime.


US$500 per month
  • 20 hours per month
  • Third party service fee excluded
  • Total keywords 25


US$1000 per month
  • 40 hours per month
  • Third party service fee excluded
  • Total keywords 50


US$2000 per month
  • 80 hours per month
  • Third party service fee excluded
  • Total keywords 80

Let's work together

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