How WeChat became China’s most successful ecosystem but struggled in foreign markets?

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WeChat has emerged as an all-encompassing app, incorporating features offered by Amazon, Apple Pay, Facebook, Grubhub, Messenger, WhatsApp, Uber, and Venmo, all within a single platform. As of the second quarter of 2017, Tencent’s WeChat boasted 963 million active users, predominantly concentrated in China. The app has witnessed remarkable success within the country, with 79.1% of smartphone owners regularly accessing it, and 84.5% of messaging app users opting for WeChat. The diverse range of features offered on WeChat entices users, resulting in an average daily usage of 90 minutes, nearly double the time spent by global users across all of Facebook’s suite of apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

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Unveiling the Decline of Chinese Apps

According to analysts at IResearch Consulting Group, apps have a short lifespan in mainland China, with an average of only ten months. Within one month, 85% of users delete the apps they downloaded, and after five months, the retention rate drops to a mere 5%. This wave of app attrition has dampened the spirits of mobile internet entrepreneurs. What are the underlying factors contributing to this decline?

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