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Who I am?

SEO Talent is a private label. I am based in the metropolitan city of Shanghai China and Los Angeles USA. I am a passionate and enthusiastic freelance SEO specialist, providing online solutions for small companies. I'd like to use my industry-specific skills to expand your recognition, to improve your search results position and powerful ROI campaigns. I specialize in offering affordable solutions, and good at content writing, landing pages creation, social medias and PPC campaigns. Besides, I am a fundamental level website developer, the site you are viewing is just an example to present my service of web design. I love to help people to learn practical skills and solve technical puzzles, so they can earn a good living and shape the lives they want.

What I Believe?

Digital marketing

I think that authenticity, honesty, and personal voice underlie plenty of what is a success at the web. Doubling your traffic is not wise to increase your business comparing with doubling your conversion rate. I’d like to let website owners know what clients are searching for, what their values are, how to be able to meet their desires, how to convert big data to the sales. Let us search for opportunities to give rather than to get when I help customers develop engaging programs and custom marketing packages.

Content Marketing

I think the high-quality marketing should not feel like marketing, the quality content is something that adds value to the reader’s life. It can start early to build relationships with prospects by means of writing unique contents to educate, inform, evoke and entertain the entrepreneurs. I decide to a niche and pretend I am writing to each of the readers a letter on behalf of my customers, attempt to stop being everything to everyone. Content materials build relationships. Relationships are built on believe. Believe drives sales.

Search Engine Optimization

In 2004, appropriate search engine optimization made you exquisite at the web. In 2014, good SEO is a result of being splendid at the web. The great SEO work will only get better over the time. If you play search engine tricks, you will find yourself being kept busy changing with time while the ranking algorithms change. I often ask myself whether the readers do what my customers want them to do when I measure whether a page is successful or not. The goal is not to make your links seem natural; the goal is that your hyperlinks are natural. “Google best loves you when absolutely everyone else loves you first.”

User Experience

My understanding to user experience is to know what your clients want most and what your organization does best, then to focus on where these two meet. Good user experience never ignores people. An excellent UX is a renaissance attitude that mixes technology, cognitive ability, human need, and beauty to make something that the arena didn’t know it was lacking. Once in a while whilst I try to innovate, I find slow or negative market feedback. It is better to confess it quickly, and get on with improving my other innovations. Some effective thinking brings perception and fuels my interest.

Social Media

“Build it, and the will comes” simply happens in the movies. Social Media is a “built it”, nurture it, engage them, and then might also come or stay. Although majority trust peers on social media, only small percentage trust brands, sell-sell-sell strategies undoubtfully do not work on social media. People do not want to be advertised at in the social channel, where they want to chat casually, similarly like an invited guest at a table. So, let us focus on how to be social, not how to do social. It is very time consuming to think, look at my processes and see how I can embed social media inside my processes, not always thinking like a marketer.

Link Building

I find the natural linking will flow after I adjust my writing attitude for readers, not for search engines. The best link building approach is to create something wonderful, to build relationship to earn the links. My clients are pleasantly surprised to see links naturally pour in when they stop focusing on building backlinks. They treat every link building is a new friendship start – with respect, patience and always give first and before asking for something in return. The future of white hat SEO is to try to reach people and build a relationship, to generate the sources where normal link building specialists cannot reach.

What I Do?

Be a White label SEO

I began my white label SEO business model two years ago, and my low prices are based on the industrial level of basic salary. I never send unsolicited emails. I work with marketing agencies by signing strict non-disclosure contracts in the industry. I am happy remaining invisible white label SEO specialist.

Freelancers for Hire

SEO Talent is an end-to-end open platform to offer commission-free outsourced freelancers to assist your business need of SEO, web development or digital marketing. Our partners are mainly from Philippines, India and China, multilingual talents with advantage to support the international clients who wish to market globally. Please contact me when your projects need to hire freelancers.

Run Inspirational Blog

I design, develop and run this inspirational blog website. I appreciate the supports from the freelancers like me, remote workers of website developers, copy writers, SEO experts and digital marketers. We publish insightful tutorials, tips, time-saving techniques and resources, and share inspirational UX designs, SEO and digital marketing experiences. I am happy to see SEO Talent is growing and helping freelancers learn and earn online.

Baidu SEO China

China is one of the fast-growing markets for ecommerce in the world. The tremendous opportunities are difficult to ignore. As to my bilingual background, that is why I provide SEO service tailored for the Chinese market. China also presents some unique challenges for SEO. Baidu uses a unique search algorithm that brings with its own set of rules for SEO. You do not have to worry as I love challenges. I am here to ensure that you get the best results for your website SEO in China.

SEO Talent Services

Web Development

The custom-made website plan is built for e-commerce website with self-owned server, connected with online credit card payment, as well for information display and social networking purposes. There are many featured plugins and tools to choose and add to your website. Click here to learn the Four-step-workflow of websites design and building.

Cost Effective SEO

My SEO will benefit your business and gain top ten positions for your business in Google, Ping or other search engines. SEO increases your brand visibility and gains high return of investment (ROI). Get more positive reviews and increase conversions. Month-to-month simple contract. No long term lock-in period. Click here to read more.

Web Maintenance

Web maintenance service aims to solve all WordPress headaches on your WordPress website. I will work on unlimited small jobs – including security on-site backups, maintenance, theme/plugin quick-fixes, speed optimization, website improvement analysis, two hours' design, development and content updates. Pricing begins from as low as $140/mo.

PPC Management

Pay Per Click management is a quick and most controllable way. SEO specialists use our expertise and experience to manage campaigns for the clients to maximize the results. Pay per click will get your business in front of the potential buyers who are looking for your products or services. Because you only pay for qualified traffic, it is easy to control the budget and return on investment for your campaign.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our conversion rate optimization will perform an in-depth analysis of your website and would highlight the areas that cause conflict in the conversion process. We will figure out the possible reasons which are missing for a particular persona. This will help us to identify the type of visitors who gave up your website. Our SEO expert will optimize every step of your sales-funnel. We firstly determine the areas of friction, secondly to find solutions to improve the buying cycle.

Social Media Optimization

SMO marketing plans begin with different social accounts creations, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin and Instagram. Boost your presence, improve your reach and get new clients with your trusted Social Media specialist. We help you to manage your brand’s visibility, track activities transparently, get reports and view performance of your social campaign - all in a single place.

Copy Writing in Chinese

As a copy writer in Chinese, I carefully study your product or service and find why it should excite the prospect. I make the writing read simple, memorable, inviting to look at and interesting to read. The copy-writing and landing page should transfer a clear message and specific call-to-action to persuade your potential customers what to do. Good copywriting is an essential investment, not an unnecessary cost.

Email Marketing

You can rest assured we understand and comply with e-mail marketing rules, satisfactory practices and details that can make a satisfactory campaign. With our e-mail marketing service, you'll save time, stay connected to your clients, and ensure ideal synergy between social media and e-mail marketing. So you can focus on dealing with your business and let us handle your email marketing with outstanding results.

Youtube Channel Marketing

On this rapid paced world, most people are interested in watching videos instead of reading the lengthy writings whatever. YouTube is already a famous social media platform for making the organizations and the professions prevalent in the front of the audience. My service is from videos editing and making to presenting the video engagement, likes, views, shares and conversions to lead to the right place.

How I Work?

My Skills and experience : Advanced understanding of Google Tools, Analytics, Baidu SEO, Webmaster Tools, AdWords, White Hat SEO methodology, digital marketing principles and their application to target markets, conversion optimization, results-driven marketing campaigns. My Bonus Skills: WordPress website design and developing experience, bilingual content writing on social medias and blogs, team work and managing experience.

Remote outsourced SEO and web maintenance

Way of Working: Remote, home based, part time, weekly reporting by emails, video chat on skype or APP of whatsapp.
Compensation: Average hourly payment 25US$

In-house employing or Door-to-Door service

Way of Working : Door-to-door consultant service, minimum one-month contract, assigned to work by Pioneer Media. LLC.
Compensation: Prepaid deposit, weekly payment, plus costs of transportation and accommodation.

Affiliate marketing or paid research partner

Way of Working : Affiliate, partnership, remote or co-working offices, full-time or part-time, short term or long term.
Compensation: Flexible and negotiable

Mail Address

A11601 Wilshire Blvd. 5th F
Los Angeles CA 90025 US
WhatsApp +1(858)295 9324

Suite 448 Xin Jin Qiao Rd. PuDong
Shanghai 200135 China
Phone 18918151538 (wechat)
Viber 09561728066


SEO Talent, Let's work together!

Sam Li Sheng is a freelance SEO specialist, website developer and digital marketing consultant. His work experience has over ten years, ranging from ESL teaching, international marketing strategy, Google and Baidu SEO. He helps business owners and bloggers use WordPress to build and grow their online business. He has contributed to big promotional projects for famous American brands like HBO, Disney, NASA and General Motor. He is also the founder of Heyday Enterprise HK Ltd. When he is not busy working in front the laptop, he can be found Zumba dancing in the gym or outdoor photographing in travel.

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