SEO Gains High Return of Investment

Visitor friendly websites will draw targeted website traffic


Attitude to SEO, Expecting to SEO

SEO Services

SEO services (Search Engine Optimization) is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search engine’s result page (SERP), not just about increasing the volume but also improving the quality of traffic that goes to the website.

SEO Expecting

SEO is not a salesman to fix your search ranking quickly. SEO is not a miracle plugin to magically transform your website into a traffic volume. Please do not misunderstand SEO can work for link acquisition or website design or development.

Mindset to SEO

SEO is not something you do once. It is an on-going process. Do not think everything you do in SEO will work. Continue what is working and stop what is not. SEO starts with understanding your customers –not in keyword research, not in website audits, not in client goals. Understand who the customers are and their search intent.

Attitude to SEO

SEO creates a search experience, not just a network of keywords and content. Be visible where your customers are, not where you want them to be. Commit yourself to continuously learning and mastering SEO

Know the Size of Your SEO Challenge

Perform a Website Audit

Discover technical and non-technical issues that keep the website from achieving its goals.

Perform an Online Visibility Audit

Check social media reach, brand mentions, local listings, and audience pulse

Perform a Simple SWOT

Analyze the website performance from its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Why Search Engine Optimization?

Finding-out to boost your web through search engine optimization is possibly the most crucial aspect that determines an enterprise’s achievement or failure online. Moreover, nowadays, in the wide global digital marketing, eighty to ninety percent of buyers check online comments and reviews before deciding a purchase, and ninety-three percent of ecommerce experiences start from a search engine. With no a professional SEO plan in your industry, clients will not be able to discover, contact, or buy merchandise from your enterprise and could pick your competitors alternatively. SEO will improve your website to be more visitor friendly, attract targeted website traffic. SEO help your website to syndicate across top local business directories leading to more reviews on the social networks, which will finally increase your brand visibility and credibility.

The algorithm has been often updated by the main search engines, such as, google, yahoo, bing, leading to fast evolving each day. SEO experts cannot repeat and use last year’s skills until this year. Your website is guaranteed to run beforehand of the curve and gain advantage from potential customers if you entrust a devoted marketing team handling your SEO campaigns.

How to Choose an SEO agency?

Deciding on the right SEO agent is important to the success of your enterprise. Choosing the wrong SEO company will waste your time and money further to losing potential leads and customers. We cannot deny there are a few SEO agents simply seeking on check collection, and not enough care for the well-being of their clients and their market. They may not pay more attention and time to guarantee the good ranking result, convert little leads, or even be suspended due to violations of Google’s algorithm. There are other SEO groups who take shortcuts and carry out illegitimate SEO practices resulting in their clients’ websites being penalized due to the methods of“black-hat”. This is usually because of choosing a SEO provider mainly based upon who's the cheapest.

The truth is, there is no fast and simple method and solution to SEO. The customers cannot count on effective results with a cheap payment to search engine optimization companies. Similarly to the cheap yogurt pushed sales on the grocery shop, it’s free as it’s out of expiry soon. At present, search engine optimization has become an incredibly labor-intensive work. To choose shortcuts means to choose laziness. In order to be ranked at the top of the foremost search engines, you have to rely on the strategic and multi-prong solutions to help get you there. So please do not spin your wheels at one place and finally find yourself less moving forward. We have been proven for a number of prestigious industry awards for our quality and effective SEO projects.

Our customers’ success Says it all
“As compared to our previous advertising company, our leads are growing, they are exceptional quality leads and it's far retaining us extremely busy. I'm impressed with SEO Talent Tech.“
– Sam Lee, Founder & CEO of Global Education.

Why choose our SEO services?

Know-how and skills are powerful to the field of SEO. We merge knowledge and craftsmanship together to grow and develop successful, strategic, dynamic, award-winning SEO campaigns for our customers. If you expect impactful visibility, it does make all difference whether to choose a ROI-driven SEO agent to implement your strategies and manage your SEO. Another importance is remain exclusive working relationship with you. We shall work with only one customer, per industry per city. SEO business is easy conflict of interest, that is why every client will receive sufficient attention and effort to guarantee the account to be successful.

You may also be surprised that we only offer one SEO package at monthly fixed price. We sold SEO services packages before at different prices from lower to higher marked as Gold plan, silver plan, etc. But while we proceed with the SEO campaigns, we find each customized solution is actually based on every client’s goals and objectives, in order to help a client achieve top rankings timely in such a strong competitive market, it is quite difficult to stop to switch to another work simply because this customer choose low budget plan. If our SEO specialists make money $600 monthly for one client, $1800 for three clients, why not to choose to serve only one client at $2000 to focus all attention, time and effort to one company to make the result the best effective? We want to help one client generate more leads and 100% ROI focused. Let alone, it is also time consuming to develop more clients. We pride ourselves for the value, every client will feel confident that your placement is our first priority.


Why choose our SEO services?

LOCALIZED MAP search engine optimization
Some potential customers are searching for your products and services online, and by optimizing your local search listings, you will boom your possibilities at bringing in new clients without delay to your company.

Our SEO specialists only use “white-hat” practices applying to Google’s search engine optimization algorithm. We agree with that SEO should no longer contain manipulating search consequences to get you higher rankings. The digital marketing experts know that earning Google’s trust and complying with their rules is the key to better rankings and everlasting achievement. You may not find guidebook or blueprint for SEO, and the main search engines never expose how their algorithms operate. What we do know, is that there are loads of ranking factors that Google search engines use to rank search results.

Besides the operation plan of on-site SEO, it ought to additionally consist of reputation management, Off-site SEO, Quality Link-Building, Authoritative directory listing, unique content writing, Social Media optimization, and citation building, just to call some. For example, our method for developing authoritative inbound links for our customers differs us from the competition. We do not trust in spam backlinks, including forum hyperlinks and message board remarks. We put your website on the place of authoritative industry, which includes newspapers and online industry sources.

Why choose our SEO services?

The old-school SEO practices are not admired always. On the contrary, the old school SEO tactics pass away quickly! That is why we have spent a long time evolving with the development of search engines. Our SEO specialists are continuously tweaking our methods to adhere to set of rules updates to benefit our customers.

Our SEO experts are continuously scouring the web for new algorithm updates before their expiry, attending marketing seminars, and growing new techniques to enhance our SEO practices. You may know what was working last week, may not work this week. As your business parter, we agree with in constantly evolving our SEO techniques to assist our clients see the effects they expect. We struggle to get your products and services where it wishes to be, but our ultimate intention is to keep you stay there. Just like you are good at your business, we are extremely good at what we do. Any person of our clients who has tried other advertising companies will give you the similar reviews.

laptop statistics website search engine optimization vector illustration

Stay away from SEO provider exhibiting any of these red lights:

Encourages link Exchanges or link Schemes. The fact is link exchanges is outdated tactic and easily cause to the ranking penalties. These plans had been initially created to trick the search engines into giving targeted websites a higher ranking. Google modernized its ranking algorithm to penalize websites that evolve those sorts of complicated hyperlink exchange.

Refuses to Make changes to your site: Some SEO specialists will refuse to propose any changes to your website. In the eye of search engine optimization, this should turn on red light. Besides a critical part of SEO work on off-site, on-site optimization is much more vital, particularly at the beginning of a SEO marketing.

Guarantee the first ranking. Nobody can assure a number one rating on Google. Even the main search engine companies warn clients to watch out for SEO agents who claim promised ratings in a rush period of time. Search engine optimization is a process, and no person in the world might be able to get you a first rating in less than one week. SEO is a long-pace solution to be practiced with much detail.

Lack a SEO Audit. Any SEO specialist who does not examine your website carefully is saving two-thirds of the work that a true SEO expert should do. Super SEO starts from an outstanding website. In case your website isn't analyzed particularly, you would miss critical page possibilities for your keywords.

Offer lowest-Priced SEO packages. If an offer sounds too excellent to be real, it is likelihood of occurrence. SEO is an intensive, wide and tough course when done correctly. The fact is, there may be no fast and simple solution to search engine optimization. You cannot expect a cheap payment rewarding with large results. Today’s SEO is a remarkably hard-work-intensive performance. No short-cuts can be found any more.

Promotes Heavy Use of Anchor text: The word(s) used in a link is referred to as anchor text. At the same time as this was very effective in the past, the over-optimization of anchor text can lease your web page to be penalized.

What SEO Managerial Duties Include?

  • SEO initial audit and strategy
  • Webmaster Tools setup (Search Console)
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Call Tracking setup (AvidTrak)
  • Rank Tracking setup via WebCEO
  • SEO Site Audit setup via SEMRush
  • Multi-Channel Conversion Tracking setup (GA)
  • Custom Google Data Studio Dashboard setup
  • Optimize ALL pages on website to all Major Search Engines

How We Get Started on Your SEO?

SEO Step 1. Initial Site Assessment

SEO Services include
Keyword discovery and analysis
Customer and competitor research
Site structure and navigation
Website audit | Check speed
Mobile Optimization
Google site map

SEO Step 2. On-Page optimization

Title tags | Meta description
Keyword density |Header tags
Internal Page Linking with Anchor
Image , ALT tags and Filenames
Language and content optimization
Geographical optimization
Make content unique

SEO Step 3. Off-Page optimization

Socal Networking Sites Creation
Blogging | Forum Posting
Seach engine submission
Social Bookmarking
Link Exchange | Cross-Linking
Photo sharing | Video Promotion
Answers Business reviews
Local listing & yellow pages
Press release

SEO Step 4. Tracking and tuning

Set up Google webmaster tools
Google analytics
Rank & KPI
Tracking worksheet
Conversion tracking worksheet
SEO growth worksheet

How We Get Started on Your SEO?

Let us meet to greet each other
The first actual step in our procedure is to have a dialogue to decide your advertising wishes and targets. Is SEO the first step to start? Are you better served using PPC first? For some products and services, SEO isn't always the best option to start. Sometimes, depending on your budget and time plan, paid search is a greater problem shooting method. If there is a direction that will help you meet your targets, we flow on to the subsequent step within the process. If not, we are able to will let you know right in advance so that we are not taking each other’s time. Our aim is to assist you market yourself in a greater way of both power, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Complete Overview

Our following step to a successful SEO launch is to research your website and domain to check the grade. That is a vital first step to boosting new deals online in order to expose high visibility on Google. In case that your website cannot transfer your traffic, you will lose out on potential customers, and the traffic generated for your web page via search engine optimization could be wasted. Further, Google thinks lots of reasons while reviewing how your site was working. These include elements like existing consumer interplay metrics while ranking your web in the SERPS. A poorly constructed website will stop your ranking high on Google. Our licensed SEO specialists will examine your cutting-edge website to evaluate page load speed, spider crawling, mobile application, and SEO friendliness. In phrases of your domain name, we can check a backlink to analyze whether there is a hyperlink profile that might prevent you from ranking high on Google. In case that your domain has a manual or algorithmic penalty as a result of bad links, or over-optimized anchor text, a new domain can be applied in order not to lose your money and time to optimize a penalized domain.

SEO ON-BOARDING & Initial Consultation

An on-boarding enquiry form will be sent you to be completed. This will provide us to enter working relationship with your staff. As soon as we've obtained your on-boarding form, and after being verified, it is time to meet your team. On the initial call, our senior SEO expert and social media specialist you will learn every major detail of your enterprise and put in force your custom SEO initiative.

Monitoring Setup

You need to be capable of understanding and constantly analyzing your tasks, campaigns, social media marketing, and customer behavior in order to maximize your return of investment. Through this way, you could continuously enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns, maximize gains and profits, boost conversion ratios. We need our customers to comprehend how the system works, and our SEO experts will not cover anything when it comes to present the monthly reporting.

Launch !

After the SEO plan is ready, we shall get started, and the monitoring is applied to the whole access, it is full of fog beforehand. Your SEO crew will deliver you with a SEO timeline and remain contacting with you weekly to talk about on-going improvements with your campaign.

What is the next step?

Are you bored with your past wasting ads investment on any unsuccessful marketing campaigns? At present, it is just the time to work exclusively with a marketing team to devote in growing and developing your business as you want. In case that you are seeking out an advanced and innovative marketing team to proceed with your SEO, contact us now! Text us on the live chat, our SEO professionals like to an opportunity to offer a free audit of your website and a competitor analysis. Let us get started!

Monthly Plan Starting from

$199 / Monthly
  • Title and Meta description, Authoritative Link Building, On-Site SEO, Content and pages improvement, Site Speed Enhancement, Site structure improvement, Internal Linking, Canonical Tags, On-Site Blogging updated, Off-Site SEO, Guest Blogging, Press Releases, Landing Page Conversion Optimization, SSL Certificate Implementation, Geo-Page Creation, Implementation of RSS News Feed to website, Monthly Content Re-writes, Reputation Management for Social Media, Authoritative Directory Listings, Setup & Management & Optimization of YouTube channel, Multi-Channel Monthly Reporting