Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click management help your business leap to the top of the search engines


What can PPC Specialists do for you?

What can you expect from our Pay Per Click Management?

Custom-made PPC campaigns

To custom make a PPC campaign that is right for you, we will get to recognize your industry, enterprise, competitors and patents, then to work with you to expand an approach with a purpose to supply the results you want. Our Google ads authorized experts additionally want to build out your existing campaigns, or setting up accounts at new networks. Advertisement copies are written through experts that are applicable in your business and goal location.

Long Tail Targeting Keywords will get the right traffic at the lowest cost

We will begin your Adwords campaigns with series of ten long-tail keywords to target the maximum suitable keywords and not losing money. We use sophisticated techniques ensuring you lay over the entire search view whilst avoiding the regions which aren't right to your business. We assist you create a distinct landing page to assure your adverts are tightly centered to the advert group's keywords with a strong call to action and successive testing. Download the PDF of PPC Packages Prices and Comparison.

ROI Measuring and conversion tracking

We assist customers first define your sales funnel and then either install an AdWords monitoring pixel or set up Google Analytics goals to your website. Taking those steps is the actual manner to realize if your campaigns are paying off with a positive ROI. We assist customers operate AdWords campaigns and use mechanism to determine which of the paid clicks are converting into buyers. Monitoring the conversions that input your sales funnel from an AdWords click and cross directly to end up paying customers will present you how to focus and budget your advert cost in the future, which campaigns need to be ramped up and which advert groups or keywords ought to be dropped totally.

E-Commerce online and Ad Extensions

We can assist you establish, run and optimize your shopping campaigns and product listing ads to promote your stock. Our expertise and industrial know-how helps us make the right product shows for the right keywords. We shall use Ad extensions to transform your ad script and offer more chances to face out, to bid over your competitors.

Tracking and Reporting

In order to reinforce the shot accuracy, we spend time in collecting and evaluating the proper data, optimizing a PPC campaign, so one of the first steps we do is to make sure the monitoring is set up thoroughly, giving us all the information we need to optimize the accounts going forward. The reviews are made to offer meaningful insight into what's happening with your PPC campaign. What we have been operating on, what we have observed your competitors doing and how your paid search is acting in connection with the key metrics you are extraordinary interested in.

Proving the business case for PPC

"We rely on SEO Talent Tech as an extension to our advertising team - they're able to make investments of the effort and time required to maintain sales flowing at the same time as we are able to deal with different areas of the other business. SEO Talent staff have been pro-active and easy operating how the PPC campaigns are proceeding and what we need to enhance next…"Samuel Lee - Director of

Download PDF to Compare PPC Packages

We help you to increase your profits, track activities transparently, get reports and view performance of your campaign - all in a single place. Pricing begins from as low as US$140/mo.

Pay Per Click Management Plans

Pay as you go. No long term contracts. Cancel anytime.

Plan 1

US$140 per month
  • Ad groups 200
  • Search engine-G
  • Search network
  • Remarketing
  • Display network
  • Banner image ads
  • Geo targeting & billing
  • A to B Testing
  • Keyword bid optimization
  • Ad scheduling
  • Conversion tracking
  • Search query analysis
  • Analytics setup
  • Linking Adwords with analytics
  • Website funnel tracking
  • PPC broken link checker
  • Call tracking $15/m
  • Call tracking setup
  • Shopping ads
  • Landing page recommendation