Linkedin Marketing for B2B Leads

Turn LinkedIn into a targeted lead generation machine with organic marketing and paid ads


Why LinkedIn Marketing Services

Linkedin Marketing is another effective B2B lead generation tool

Most companies have come to see that, when done right, social media can be a effective tool for generating sales. The trouble is that many instances companies don't have a confident idea of how to leverage social media in a way that gains results. With our LinkedIn marketing services, we can combine social media with the rest of your inbound marketing efforts to help you power sales and generate pretty focused leads. LinkedIn excels as a B2B networking channel, developing awareness for high-quality prospects who are most likely to become clients. With our assistance, you can drive LinkedIn's full capacity by targeting decision makers based on their particular industries, the size of their company, or their interest in specialized subjects. We expand techniques that let you to discover and connect with these potential clients in a more natural way.

Results to help drive traffic, leads and business

There are 90% social traffic coming from three large networks, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, with half of it coming from LinkedIn. LinkedIn marketing has been proven to be 277% more effective than other social networks if we consider the lead conversion. Within the area of B2B,ninety-five percent entrepreneurs find Linkedin more powerful for lead generation. More revenue are generated for B2B marketers usually with the aid of Linkedin. For example, the sales percentage generated thru Linkedin has improved steadily from 45% of 2010 to 65% of 2013. Seventy-seven percent of B2B marketers have obtained a buyer through LinkedIn. Linkedin has come to be one the of essential marketing asset.

Linkedin business page enables to grow the lead generation, which can benefit the brand building, establish your company reputation and visibility; You may also use Linkedin as a strategic partner to connect with complimentary providers, industry institutions, distributors, dealers or producers. Linkedin is also an effective channel for your industry research, a useful tool for you to ask questions or perform surveys.

How Our Linkedin Marketing Service Works

Figure out your LinkedIn goals to make a working plan together

We firstly need to discuss with you how much time each day you expect us to dedicate to LinkedIn. If lead generation is a primary goal, this could be up to a 4 to 5 hours a day. The first week might take us time to improve your profile, especially if you don't already have an outstanding LinkedIn profile etc. Let us make a working-start list:

  • Optimize your company and personal profile
  • Sort out and connect with your contacts and clients
  • Ask for recommendations from people you've worked with
  • Create a list and channel for sharing content
  • Search to join relevant groups
  • Create groups and invite users to join

What is the next step to continue to actively connect and share?
Next step will continue to actively connect and share. We shall use the LinkedIn time to work through the following:

  • We shall start the creative content writing if you don't yet have content of your own that has proven to generate quality leads;
  • Recut for your Linkedin groups if you decide to establish group;
  • Share in the groups you belong to: comment and start discussions. At a minimum, participate weekly in groups you own
  • Update your LinkedIn status
  • Build a prospect list and reach out to individuals on your list
  • Check who has viewed your profile and reach out to those who are potential prospects or partners
  • On at least a quarterly basis, reassess your profile and adjust as needed.
  • On at least a quarterly basis (more often to start), evaluate your group participation. Leave groups that don't meet your purpose and join new groups that might.

Sponsored Updates and Ads

LinkedIn has a variety of advertising options, but we focus our efforts on those that are most effective-Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored content. Using LinkedIn's dynamic targeting capabilities, we establish advert campaigns that get you in front of potential clients with a precision that cannot be discovered in any other B2B channel.

Our expert team receives as granular as possible when it comes to determining which business demographics and LinkedIn groups to target. We then use these campaigns to promote blog posts, e-books, guides, and other offers. In addition, we create customized, responsive landing pages to generate leads for asset downloads and other offers.

Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn lets you to send personalized email messages to your target audience via Sponsored InMail. Sponsored InMail is an effective way to grwo signups for an upcoming webinar/event or promote content assets to prospects. What surely makes Sponsored InMail more effective than an email blast is that it will be sent only to prospects active on LinkedIn thus increasing the click-through rates and driving conversions. Our content marketing group crafts engaging emails that seize the eyes of prospects via unique subject lines, thought leadership content and crisp presentation across all gadgets.

Creative Word concept Linkedin and People activity

Create Impressive Linkedin Content

We will work with you in all fields of content creation, such as identifying topics based on current industry trends, writing and editing the articles, and publishing it for you. In addition, we create LinkedIn materials as well as long-form content that can be used for offers that you share across the network.

The titles are usually drafted between forty to forty-nine characters lengthy; Some relevant images are added, eight to nine photos look better, but not videos. Use "How-to" and list-style headlines instead of questions. The subheadings are placed on each passage to evenly break the long form content. The neutral voice is better than positive or negative and reads more natural. While you discover other useful, relevant contents, you can also share it on Linkedin. We adjust your official website blogs to be easily shared on your Linkedin.

How Our LinkedIn Marketing Service Works

More Options. No Obligations.

Pay as you go. No long term contracts. Cancel anytime.

Linkedin Standard Plan

US$ 90 per month
  • Creating and managing company page
  • Banner creation
  • Keyword based content creation 20/month
  • Back-linking via posts
  • Pulse (additional $30 per post)
  • Custom vanity URL
  • Sharing content across appropriate groups - 2/ week
  • Linkedin Ads management ($140/m)
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Progress report (weekly/ monthly)
  • Support (email/ chat/ call)

Linkedin Professional Plan

US$ 169 per month
  • Creating and managing user profile
  • Creating and managing company page
  • Banner creation
  • Keyword based content creation 40/m
  • Add relevant people in profile 10/ week
  • Back-linking via posts
  • Pulse (additional $30 per cost)
  • Custom vanity URL
  • Sharing content across appropriate groups -2/ week
  • Linkedin Ads management ($140/m)
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Progress report (weekly/ monthly)
  • Support (email/ chat/ call)

Month-to-month simple contract. No long-term lock-in period.

We help you to manage your visibility on Linkedin

track activities transparently, get reports and view performance of your campaign.