How Our Pinterest Marketing Service Works

Account and Profile Setup

We firstly help you open Pinterest account, then to complete your profile, describing your business, including relevant keywords that are frequently used to search. Subsequently, we are going to upload an awesome logo as your profile picture. Similarly, we create minimum 10-12 boards and pin at least 9 pins on each board. As an end, this gives the board an active look and people could be great apt to explore your board.

Create Your First Five Boards

Second, when you have existing account or have not started Pinterest marketing yet, we shall help you start creating your first 5 boards for things your target audience like. Upload a few pins to each board. For instance, we are able to create five boards that your audience loves or create five boards for products your audience feel difficulty in finding.

Secret Board Saves Content for Future

Right here are some really fantastic extra recommendations of Pinterest advertising. Please send us more images you like or ask us to design numerous optional awesome photographs to re-pin. We simply create a mystery board. Next, pin an image to that board and upload unique pins URL in the caption. In this way, we can return and re-pin it publicly later. Think of it as some other bookmarking option we will use.

Have an Awesome Cover Photo

We shall create your cover photo, which is your first impression and the first thing a user sees when they arrive at your page. Therefore, it is crucial to make it attractive looking. In addition, Pinterest allows us to select which pin to use as our cover image. Therefore, we shall optimize the cover photos on Pinterest of each board. Lastly, select a high-quality image that is attractive and shining for your cover photo.

Share our Blog Posts

We shall share your own blog content and put some effort into choosing exciting images for your blog. As a result of your Pinterest marketing, this will evidently interest Pinners into sharing it similarly.

Include Rich Product Pin to Site

We shall create rich pins including extra information right on the pin itself. Rich pins give the visitors' more brand visibility and traffic to your e-Commerce business website. All it takes a basic knowledge of embedding, and Open Graph.

Different Images Linked to Site

Suppose you have an old blog post that you would like to promote on Pinterest and the original article doesn't have a pinnable image. We are able to design new friendly images and upload to the Pinterest. The operation is to click on "+" on your Pinterest page and select "upload a pin".

Engage Influencers

Maybe you don't have lots of followers to start off with Pinterest marketing. We can find and engage your most influential followers from our fans and influencers page.

Join Community Board

We shall research and join community boards within your business field. This way we can help you this way to reach a highly targeted audience that you might no longer have access to. Additionally, they not only attain to the contributor board but also allow users to follow the community board. Certainly, it is a great place to discover relevant content to pin to your boards.

Focus on Image Quality

Pinterest is all about visuals. Consequently, the more interesting image you post, the more likely people on Pinterest are to look at it. That is why we shall take more time on photographs creation to publish high quality and appealing artworks on your blogs, people will much more likely to pin those as well.

Pin Regularly

Pinning consistently enables maximize your store's publicity and customer engagement with your brand. We help you schedule your Pins regularly on Pinterest. It shows you are part of the Pinterest network rather than simply using Pinterest to store pictures. Pinning continually helps to maximize your store's exposure and client engagement.

Follow Your Competitors

We help you find your competitors' Pinterest accounts. SEO Talent Tech specialists will research and discover what your competitors are actually doing on Pinterest and learn from their actions. So, if we follow your competitors, they will likely do it for you as well. Imitation is the best form of flattery. However, in this situation we might just examine some high-quality practices that will help us promote your business in better ways.

Track Presence by Analytics

We shall analyze the platform statistics and track your profile and engagement growth. We can find your top influencers and repeating Pinners and measure your competition and will send you weekly and monthly reports.

Embed Keywords in Your Descriptions

We shall include relevant keywords in your profile and boards descriptions that relate to your business, so that the potential clients can see your Pinterest account in a search result.

Cross Promote to Increase Followers

Our SEO specialists will take advantage of other networks to grow your followers and increase social traffic. We can tweet about your new pin board to attract more traffic to your Pinterest account.

Package Service and Payment

Pinterest Marketing to Grow Your Business

Choose a suitable plan to fit you.

Pinterest Standard Plan

US$ 90 / Month
  • Pinterest business account setting up
  • Creating and modifying boards 4/m
  • Pin images 20/m (images provided by client)
  • Back-linking via pin image
  • Follow relevant pinners 50/m
  • Increase in engagement
  • Integrating social button on website
  • Custom vanity URL
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Progress report (weekly/ monthly)
  • Support (email/ chat/ call)

Pinterest Professional Plan

US$ 189 / Month
  • Pinterest business account setting up
  • Creating and modifying boards 8/m
  • Pin images 40/month (images provided by client)
  • Back-linking via pin images
  • Follow relevant pinners 80/m
  • Increase in engagement
  • Integrating social button on website
  • Custom vanity URL
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Progress report (weekly/ monthly)
  • Support (email/ chat/ call)

We help you to manage your visibility on Pinterest

track activities transparently, get reports and view performance of your campaign.