What is Bilibili? Bilibili is a Chinese video-sharing website based in Shanghai. Bilibili is founded in 2009, focusing on gaming, music, anime-related content. Bilibili is based on the live interactive, bullet chatting video concept. With the growth in popularity, there are more features developed, such as, advertising, mobile gaming, and e-commerce and live stream service. Bilibili has expanded more fields to science and technology, entertainment, fashion and daily life.

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How to Market Your Brand on BILIBILI?

Adjust your tone of voice to market on Bilibili
You are encouraged to create different style contents, adjust your tone of voice to market on Bilibili platform. Because the anime, comics, games (ACG) content was the main driver behind Bilibili’s early success. You may find the variety of content on the bilibili platform today, ranging from travel vlog to how-to guides. The general style is stemmed from the early ACG users. It is better for the brands to speak your voice with style, personable, witty, and sometimes even self-deprecating, cope well with the audiences on Bilibili.

On-screen comments create anticipation

You might not be familiar with Danmu (Chinese), which was firstly used on Bilibili’s video player. The audience outside of China may be surprised to the distinctive feature, Bilibili allows the viewers to type their comments directly on the video screen, while Youtube audience usually leave their message under the videos. Although you might find the on-screen comments distracting, you might see many lines of words appear on your videos screen, users usually prefer not to turn them off since it gives the viewer the feeling of watching something together with friends. Brands like to use this functionality to create and repurpose content, and like the way to create anticipation and engagement.

Partner with Bilibili KOLs


The unique ACG culture has grown many styles of fictional characters with large amounts of Bilibili fans. Brands may compare to choose among the hundreds of animated characters, freelancers to work for you. Take the advantage of the KOLs, to help you shoot vlog-like videos, to build your fans-list and convert to new customers to your business. Brands may talk with a KOL how to create contents to fit your target market. A good Chinese agent should help your video contents to achieve publicity instead of commercial gain. Soft placements are relatively better received and are more cost-effective too. Asking a KOL to use your product or service in their video instead of cutting their content for a sponsor’s announcement.

Let Someone from your Audience be your Speaker

Some established businesses use the same content to post on Bilibili and find it missing active response. How to adapt your content to a younger audience? Inviting someone from the young generation or replanning your campaigns using similar tastes of your majority audience will make your content sound intimate and close to your target Gen Z audiences. This not only transfers your values with a more familiar voice but also serves as quality assurance at the point of delivery.

eCommerce comes to stage on Bilibili

The users surprisingly find the eCommerce call to actions appear under the video player in 2020. This is a new and important feature to the blog style Bilibili platform. Alibaba purchased 8% stock of the Bilibili company, making Bilibili’s ecommerce revenue jumped from 22 million USD in the first quarter of 2020 to a staggering 113 million by the end of quarter four. When your leads click on a purchase button, they are transferred to a 3rd party e-commerce website to complete their purchase. This has attracted some companies turn to sell products directly in Bilibili’s marketplace. 

bilibili recommendation algorithm

Bilibili Recommendation Algorithm

Content Grade= ([coins x 0.4] + [favorites x 0.3] + [Bullet Comments x 0.4] + [Comments x 0.25] + [Views x 0.25] + [Likes x 0.4] + [Shares x 0.6]) x 1.5 (if the content was published within 24 hours)

From the algorithm, we can see how engagement versus views is weighted. Bilibili favors user engagement through likes, coins (basically a super like), favorites, and bullet comments more than other factors. Please encourage your audience to interact more with you. You may start to register as a user first and get the feel of the Bilibili platform, when you want to dig deeper, you are supposed to hire a Chinese agent to assist your digital marketing to China.

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