China Digital Marketing Course

Our China digital marketing course is designed to help you and your team if you are actively managing digital marketing to China. You will find this 8-hour-course practical if you're working hands-on on a Chinese website or China social media marketing. Our course is designed to help different types of people:

Company owners and marketing managers

Our training course will help you create or refine your digital marketing plans if you have investment in China or will explore China market.

Digital marketing and Ecommerce managers
Our courses help you drive efficiencies from the key digital marketing channel plus your web and social presences through using our comprehensive workbook templates.

Digital marketing specialists for China
Whether you work on social media marketing, SEO, PPC or conversion rate optimization for the website we have a guide to quickly help you review and improve your approach.

Consultants and agencies targeting to China
Our courses provide guides to check and refine your approach and techniques to the international clients, to educate team members on the latest China digital marketing best practice.

How the training helpful to your China Digital Marketing?

China Digital Marketing Gets You Found.

Baidu Search engine ranking is still a relevant strategy for China business. Despite the popularity of China social medias, the first platform most consumers visit to find information on a product or service is Baidu, Bing, 360 or Sogou search engine. The more visitors your site has, the more people buy, plain and simple.

SEO Skills Keep Chinese Customers Engaged.

There are many different brands competing for your buyers’ attention. Simply having a presence online is not enough. You need strong content and a long-term strategy that encourages top Chinese influencers to interact with your brand. China Digital Marketing training gives you a fresh perspective.

China Digital marketing course is Affordable

Think about how much it would cost to hire an in-house SEO expert, social media manager, copywriter, public relations manager, web designer, advertising executive, and videographer. You need to invest in human resources to recruit these people, interview them, and train them. You will need to pay salaries and benefits for all these people.

Consultant Helps You Keep Up with Competitors

Imagine how much more competitive you could be if someone worked on your China social media on a regular base, freeing you to focus your time and energy on growing the business! Taking the training is to hire a consultant who takes a huge load off your shoulders.

The training help your website localized to Chinese

One of the chief duties of our Digital Marketing training is to ensure that your website looks and functions its best in China. You want a look that represents your motto, your current business, and your objectives. We help your websites to stay fresh, clear, responsive, informative and visually appealing to China marketplace.

Digital Marketers Monitor Your Reputation in China

Many Chinese consumers hit up sites of China social medias to air their grievances. These may be people your company inadvertently offended who have never uttered a word of complaint to you. Even so, they are doing damage. Taking our course is to help you keep an eye on the China social medias involving your brand.

Chinese teacher becomes your valued Consultant

Learning by yourself may be at the cost of frustration and misunderstanding. Participating in our training program can quickly help you become professional digital marketer. Our step-by-step guide helps you to create a China digital marketing strategy. The marketing template and spreadsheets are given free to custom create your plan.

China SEO Fundamental Course

Chinese On-site optimization
Chinese Web Development and Design
Mobile development for China
China Mobile UX
Writing for China Digital Marketing
Chinese SEO copywriting
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Chinese SEO and key phrases
Tools of the Chinese SEO
Differences between Baidu and Google
White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO and Grey Hat SEO
How to be indexed by Baidu
Chinese Long-tail keyword distribution and density
Internal Links on Chinese website
Chinese tags optimization to pictures and videos
The elements of Baidu Search Ads
Bidding and ranking for Baidu PPC
Setting up a Baidu Ads campaign
Tools of the Chinese keywords
Payment models for Baidu advertising
China Affiliate Marketing
China Data Analytics tools
Baidu Analytics and Google Analytics
Chinese Landing page creation
Website Heatmap Analysis
Conversion Rate Optimization Process

China SMO Fundamental Course

What is China digital marketing?
Crafting a digital marketing strategy for China market
Justifying the cost of China market research
Tools of China digital marketing
Strategic Chinese Content creation
Chinese Content channel distribution
Chinese Video content strategy
China Social Media Channels
Off-site optimization for Chinese websites
China Social media marketing: Rules of engagement
Step-by-step guide for recovering from an online brand attack
Effective link exchange channels in China
Chinese Local Directory
China Email strategy and planning
China Mobile Marketing
China Mobile E-Shop

China Digital Marketing

You may choose one course or two courses together.
50% deposit on order confirmation, 50% balance before the video conference

China SEO Fundamental Course

$1000 8 Hourss
  • 1 day Complete 8 hours (1 day X 8 hours)
  • Or 2 days complete 8 hours (2 days X 4 hours)
  • Online video conference live google meet
  • Teacher shares a screen and guides a student 1-on-1
  • E-toolkit - Free e-textbooks
  • Training certificate to be issued

Chinese Social Media Optimization

$1000 8 Hourss
  • 1 day Complete 8 hours (1 day X 8 hours)
  • Or 2 days complete 8 hours (2 days X 4 hours)
  • Online video conference live google meet
  • Teacher shares a screen and guides a student 1-on-1
  • E-toolkit - Free e-textbooks
  • Training certificate to be issued

China SEO + China SMO Course

$2000 16 Hours
  • 2 days Complete 16 hours (2 days X 8 hours)
  • Or 4 days complete 16 hours (4 days X 4 hours)
  • Online video conference live google meet
  • Teacher shares a screen and guides a student 1-on-1
  • E-toolkit - Free e-textbooks
  • Training certificate to be issued
li sheng in office S

Li Sheng is a freelance SEO specialist, website developer and digital marketing consultant. His work experience has over ten years, ranging from international marketing strategy to Google and Baidu SEO. He has contributed to big promotional projects for famous American brands like HBO, Disney, NASA and General Motor. When he is not busy working in front the laptop, he can be found Zumba dancing in the gym or outdoor photographing in travel.

After completing a master’s degree in English language and business in 1997, Sam Li Sheng continues to spend nearly twenty years living in China, USA and Philippines where he has worked as an ESL teacher and digital marketing manager. He specializes in SEO, Google Baidu analysis, WordPress website develop, conversion optimization and content marketing in bilingual language Chinese and English.