China eCommerce JD Global is one of the largest online retailer in China, a member of the NASDAQ100 and a Fortune Global 500 company. JD Global is a leading eCommerce platform opening to brands that are not settled in China. JD global platforms host more than 20000 brands and sell more than 10 million products from all over the world. JD Global requires the brand suppliers must be internationally established. The merchants must be able to provide trademark registration documents, licensing agreements, and affiliate authorization. Please also prepare a USD bank account, business registration documents and owner details. All product pages should use Mandarin. The delivery time should meet the dispatched time within 72 hours. A physical Chinese address is a must to take the possible returning of sold merchandise. Read more for the frequently asked questions of selling on JD Global.

Sell in TMall Global by a Chinese Agency

Tmall is a profitable B2C platform in China with over 70,000 brands in more than 50,000 stores. Tmall was established by Alibaba in 2010 and became the number one online sales platform in the Asia. This e-commerce platform uses Chinese language in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Various kinds of brands sell their products and services directly to Chinese-speaking consumers. Same as Taobao, Tmall uses Alipay’s payment system. But different from Taobao, Tmall vendors have to pass the approval in the marketplace. Why is Tmall a great chance for foreign companies in China? Comparing with other Chinese e-commerce platforms, Tmall shows to be more protection to its consumers by its 7-day return policy. Besides, Tmall’s merchants owns more credible and trustful background. In addition, Tmall provides analytic tools to generate daily sales reports. The vendors use the tool and take strategic decisions based on their sales data. What are the requirements to open a Tmall Store? Read more.

Kuaishou opens ecommerce feature to local merchants

Kuaishou is China’s second-largest short video-sharing app. Kuaishou opened its e-commerce store to Chinese merchants. It includes online shop to offline services, from food delivery to hospitality. Kuaishoun moved a big step to establish its partnership with Meituan. Under the deal, Kuaishou users have gained access to Meituan’s services through a Meituan mini-program within the short video app. Kuaishou takes a bite of Meituan’s cake. Its short video app has begun venturing into e-commerce, along with livestreaming and gaming. In addition to physical products, merchants can now sell various services through Kuaishou’s online store “Kwai Shop”. The users can enjoy 15 categories of services, including food and drink, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, film, and transportation ticketing. Kuaishou opens its store platform to the merchants; Merchants can manage their service listings to drive transactions and potentially convert online customer attention into offline service sales. In order to attract more merchants, Kuaishou is offering favorable policy to business operators. Kuaishou has encouraged new store registrations with a promotion plan that offers individual stores up to RMB 1,000 ($158) and viewership from 50,000 customers. Read more.

How to Sell on Wechat as a Foreign Company?

WeChat is a message APP with the largest active users everyday in China. Besides the feature of communication with people, it is used by Chinese vendors and consumers to follow and interact with their favorite e-shops. That is why many merchants set up Wechat e-store besides Tmall and JD store. Due to the reason of being the largest Chinese social platform, with more than 1.2 billion active users, many foreign brands are attracted to sell their products in the Chinese market. Being different from other Chinese platform, WeChat is also available in the English version, providing an excellent free tool for marketing and sales.

WeChat apps store are mostly mobile applications, WeChat shop is newly published in 2020 and free to the merchants;‘Mini-apps’ or ‘mini-programs’has been successful for many years. Their function is to make the user experience convenient by payment via wechat QR code scanning. WeChat e-shops have access to 1.26 billion Chinese users that are easier to attract to the app, to research and purchase products and services than to go to a website or elsewhere. How to build a WeChat store in a mini-program? Read more.

Why to Create Your Douyin Brand account?

Douyin is the Chinese version Tiktok, both are developed by a famous Chinese company Beijing Bytedance. Douyin is only accessible with a Chinese phone number. Douyin platform had reached 600 million daily active users upto 2018. Most of the users are young people aged 15 to 22-year-old. You can imagine how popular Douyin is. In China, 85% of its users are under 24-year-old and over 60% are female. Douyin provides many kinds of tools from background music, clips from TV shows to limitless filters to enable users to make a video at their fingertips. The platform system uses hashtag to inspire users to create and upload interesting contents. Douyin makes it a free space without bias and judgments and tired effort, which perfectly fits the mindset of the young generation.

At beginning, Douyin app allows users to create 15-second videos and provide a huge collection of background songs and dialogues. With the rapid increased fans, Douyin launched its e-commerce platform in 2021. Chinese users with a minimum of ten videos are encouraged to start selling on the app. Initially the vendors start selling online through their linking products from China’s most popular e-commerce websites such as, Tmall, and Taobao to their Douyin store. Up to 2022, Douyin e-shop becomes to run independently. Watching a short video on the KOL profile, any users can go to the e-store directly if they like products presented by KOL. Read more.

Promote & Sell Your Brand on the Little Red Book APP

Little red book (Chinese name -Xiaohongshu) is a Chinese social media platform. It was established in 2013 by Xingyin Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Little red book is not as big as Douyin, Kuaishou social medias. At beginning, Little red book APP stands its business mold as an e-commerce, planting grass at beginning, followed by harvest later. In recent years, Little Red Book has developed the sharing feature, allowing its users to share a post on other social media like WeChat, Weibo, or also mail and text message. At beginning, RED tend to overprotect its content, but now it’s getting more and more integrated into the Chinese digital ecosystem.

Little Red Book e-shop is not as famous as Douyin and Kuaishou social ecommerce either. Little Red Book has a 6% share of the social ecommerce market. Little Red Book may look new to many foreign business in China. The brand is booming. The platform promises to be the future leading platform of social media/e-commerce in China. In 2018, Little Red Book reached 1,4 billion RMB total sale value and declared that the app will reach 3 billion RMB of turnover by the end of 2019.

Baidu Shop and JiMu Fish

Baidu shop provides e-commerce to its paid PPC users by JiMu Fish tool. It does not support independent domain. Its functions include shopping cart, wecha pay and Alipay, H5 pages. There are large imbed templates and visual editing. But pages refreshing is hold for Baidu staff to censor your content.

JiMu Fish is template website building system launched in 2019 by Baidu. JiMu Fish provides baidu sub-domain to the advertisers and e-commerce enterprises, to use their templates and server to build a new website, with all features and functions of a normal website.

Unlike the e-shop of other social media platforms, Baidu Shop is a paid platform, which means you will have to purchase its PPC plan with budget of 1000 USD above.

eCommerce Strategy Agency in China

Our Chinese ecommerce website development custom made plan is suitable to the busy professionals who have focused their attention on daily specialized business; or unaffordable to the time consuming on the technical content writing, images and graphics creation, templates layout readjustment and modified. We can improve your e-commerce store with Chinese payment WeChat and Alipay. Take a look at our ecommerce service list:
1. China Market Survey to identify opportunities, challenges, competitors and so on.
2. Tmall Partner. Certified Taobao & Tmall Partner to accompany you in your Chinese ecommerce journey
3. eCommerce Website. Set up and design your e-commerce site, content and traffic acquisition.
4. Platform Registration. Help you join the most appropriate eCommerce platform for your project
5. eCommerce Management. Design, customers services, listing and stock management, we keep your store healthy
6. Off-Site Marketing. Digital marketing strategies, SEO and SEM, Community management.

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