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Baidu SEM still Cost-Effective
As a third-party Baidu SEM specialist, I think Baidu is still a better way to market to China. You might have heard some complains to the expensive PPC cost with little sales rewards. Some pitfalls come from your limited knowledge to Baidu search engine management. Any lacking experience could affect the result. The free tutorials below may help you understand our China marketing strategy, money-saving and satisfied.

Which better, Baidu SEO or SEM?
Having handled enough clients with extensive and in-depth knowledge on Baidu, I often meet the same questions from the companies, which is better way, Baidu SEO or SEM? I believe the organic Baidu SEO techniques are crucial to gain your business opportunities. But most tools are not freel on Baidu, different from Google. Therefore, to choose one basic advertising PPC plan, but never to run out of your ads revenue, instead, by remaining your Baidu account, you will be able to use all the important tools to continue your Baidu SEO.

How to budget for Baidu PPC?
Do not be shy to your money pocket. To plan well for your Baidu marketing will guarantee a-long-way to run. The Baidu PPC ads will cost you every month ranging from the average 500 USD, even higher to 5000 USD. Many beginners start their SEM alone on Baidu not aware some pitfalls ahead of them. It's very important to know the success on Baidu marketing is how long you will keep on walking, instead of how fast you run. To balance your money on Baidu SEO and PPC will lead your China marketing successfully. The tutorials below will help you to set up a smart budge on Baidu Ads campaigns.

Features and functions of Baidu SEM


Aifanfan is a communication application developed by Baidu. Through this intelligent marketing service platform, Baidu data bank and AI algorithms, it provides the marketing managers with services, such as, inquiries, business opportunity and customers management.

Baidu Shop

Baidu shop provides e-commerce to its paid PPC users by JiMu Fish tool. It does not support independent domain. Its functions include shopping cart, wecha pay and Alipay, H5 pages. There are large imbed templates and visual editing. But pages refreshing is hold for Baidu staff to censor your content.


Astrolabe is a China digital marketing tool launched by Baidu in 2019. Its core function works as a strategic insight toolkit. Astrolabe helps users search data flow, analyze target audience. It conducts data insight on user behavior, industry trends, competitor products and variety of keyword analysis.

JiMu Fish

JiMu Fish is template website building system launched in 2019 by Baidu. JiMu Fish provides baidu sub-domain to the advertisers and e-commerce enterprises, to use their templates and server to build a new website, with all features and functions of a normal website.

Baidu Analytics

Baidu Analytics is an effective Chinese SEO tool same famous as Google Analytics. Its system provides website traffic statistics, Chinese data pool is stable, powerful. Baidu analytics tool only opens to the paid PPC customers, requiring the code installing at the backend of your website.

Freelancer Affiliate

Baidu launched a new marketing platform to bring brand owners together with Chinese freelancing talents, KOL, to work as their independent sales rep and affiliates. Brand owners will use affiliate system to source and find the right content creators to custom make videos, copy writing and other tasks to spread the brands.

Baijia Horn

BaiJia Horn (Baijiahao) is a social media platform launched in 2016. Baidu encourages companies to join free as content creators through website or mobile App. Freelancers and companies post free contents, articles, videos. Its most value is 10 billion traffic distributed to Baidu ecosystem platforms.

Campaign Creation

Baidu PPC provides three channels for the customers to create campaigns, search engines promotion, data flow promotion and content marketing. Baidu Search engine provides sufficient impression to your Ads. Baidu conducts your ads and contents to its own data flow pool and affiliated channels.

China Search Engine Management Marketing Tool

There are two tools you should use if you decide to open a Baidu PPC account. Many digital marketers ignore or do not know how to use Baidu analytics and Astrolabe. You are supposed to use your budget effectively. While starting Baidu marketing, please take the advantage to use Baidu analytics and Astrolabe, not simply burn your money on PPC campaigns, what is just the Baidu customer services expect you to do.

Key points of Chinese keywords data analysis

How to Analyze Chinese keywords? Baidu SEM dashboard provides huge amounts of keyword data. SEO specialist will search and find the valuable data by using Baidu SEM tool. Here are some key points of keyword data analysis:
A. Impression volume,
B. Clicks volume,
C. Cost of visitor clicks,
D. Average click price,
E. Click rate,
F. Average SERP ranking

China search engine management Free Tutorials

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