How to do Chinese content marketing

Chinese Content Marketing Tutorials to Grow Your Business

Purpose of Chinese Content Marketing

  • Driving traffic to key landing pages
  • Spreading brand awareness
  • Building relationships
  • Bringing in revenue
  • Generating social shares and backlinks

Why to use different types of content marketing in China?

  • More formats let you choose one format ideal for your niche and business
  • Use formats which Chinese audience already consumes, then play to your strengths
  • Pay more attention and time to the platforms that Chinese audience like
  • Find gaps in China market, less people use maybe more chance to expose
  • Not always stay with one format, move on to another Chinese format, repurpose content into multiple types

Persona Development and Content Mapping for China

  • What are the details of each of your personas?
  • What does your sales funnel look like?
  • What does the customer's buying cycle look like?
  • What content do you need to create based on the Chinese engagement cycle?
  • What is the customer context?

Make a Channel Plan for China

  • What do you already have to tell your story, an existing website, blog or others?
  • What must change for you to tell this story? Do you need to add a blog; do you need to create or revisit your Chinese social Web strategy?
  • Do you need to stop using some channels and divert your energy to a blog?
  • What are the objectives for each channel as they relate to the engagement cycle?
  • How will you map each channel, your story?
  • What are your specific goals for each channel?
  • Which channels apply to which personas?
  • Do you want multiple accounts on the same social network to address different personas?
  • How/who will manage the content and conversation on each channel?
  • What is the velocity,tone,desired action and structure for the content on each channel?

8 Digital Marketing Platforms in China

There are many Chinese digital marketing platforms, which is quite different from the western digital marketing landscape. It is not easy for you to choose and use the platforms in order to reach your advertising goals. It is always difficult to use a right method and quite confusing to the digital marketers outside of China who is lack of experience. Here is the top nine list, China digital marketing platforms which the Chinese SEO experts focus on.

  1. 百家号Baidu Baijia Horn
  2. 知乎 Zhihu Chinese Quora
  3. B站 Bilibili Marketing
  4. 微博 Weibo Marketing
  5. 腾讯企鹅号 Penguin Horn
  6. 今日头条抖音Toutiao Douyin
  7. 微信公众号 WeChat Marketing
  8. 快手 KuaiShou Marketing
  9. 小红书 Little Red Book Marketing

7 Practical Tips for Hiring Your First Bilingual Content Creator in China

  1. Determine the type of Chinese content you need, Text, Infographic or Video
  2. Create your job postings and go where these creators spend their time, or share your post in communities
  3. Ask potential candidates for work samples, their favourite authors and websites
  4. Compare your candidates and choose a person with copy writing skills, video editing skills and SEO experience
  5. Determine your budget, Content creation is an expense. Content creators charge a fee according to their level of expertise. Communicate your budget and expectations. Choose the right, Cheap is expensive.
  6. Get to know their work. After hiring a content creator, you should involve in the production process. Please do not abandon the creator in a corner without any feedback or guidance.
  7. Set your communicate systems on the platform, and trust your content creator.
  • Watch our tutorial, an easy guide to help you find and hire a Chinese content creator. Please prepare your interview questions based on the above tips. Your time and effort is worthful. No valuable content, no customers.

How to Create your China Content Measurement Plan?

  1. Determine your Chinese audiences, to create user journeys, because your audiences will be the important segments to consider as your part of your tracking efforts.
  2. Define your China objectives. Pay attention to some typical China objectives, to build brand awareness, to drive community engagement, to stand as an industrial leader or a thought leader.
  3. Establish Your KPIs. You need to outline some measurable value to set up your KPIs. KPIs should be realistic, basing on the gaols you can achieve. KPIs should focus on desired outcomes and not outputs.
  4. Identify Your Metrics. Your last step is to track your plan and its performance. Do not mix your objectives and KPIs together. To track your specific quantitative measurements is your process to check any increasing on the organic search visibility, social reach, community engagement, growth of subscribers, blog traffic, news mentions and increased whitepaper downloads: Whitepaper downloads.

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