Douyin Marketing

Beijing Byte Dance has developed four famous APPs, like four brothers. Douyin is the first brother. Its second brother is its English version APP -Tiktok. Douyin is only accessible with a Chinese phone number. Douyin platform had reached 600 million daily active users upto 2018. Most of the users are young people aged 15 to 22-year-old. You can imagine how popular Douyin is. In China, 85% of its users are under 24-year-old and over 60% are female. Douyin provides many kinds of tools, background music, video editing tool, TV shows clips. The platform system uses hashtag to inspire users to create and upload interesting contents. Douyin makes it a free space without bias, judgments and tired effort, which perfectly fits the mindset of the young generation. At beginning, Douyin allows users to create 15-second videos and provide a huge collection of background songs and dialogues. 今日头条
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Douyin Marketing, Toutiao Operations

Toutiao is the third brother of Byte Dance. If you open accounts at both Douyin and Toutiao APP, while you post your videos on Toutiao, your contents will be synchronized at Douyin. Being different from Douyin, the types of contents on Toutiao include text articles, infographics, audio and videos. Another big difference is commercial contents are encouraged on Douyin, but being strictly forbidden on Toutiao. Toutiao is designed to be an easy-to-use, personalized, informative, and addictive mobile-first app. The business mode of Toutiaoa is to attract the brands to buy Ads banners by its most significant selling point“intelligent news feed”. Toutiao is known for its pushed content based on users’ preferences, selected categories, and browsing history, etc.

Douyin marketing, Understanding its internal relationship

Water Melon ( video platform is the fourth brother of Byte Dance. is focused on middle length videos. At present, your videos published on the Water Melon will be shared on Douyin synchronized. Being different from Douyin, any commercial promotion contents are strictly forbidden on Your videos contents are pushed based on AI-powered information algorithm, such as, users’ preferences, selected categories, and browsing history, etc. The main types of account include Personal Media, States institutes, business enterprise, educational groups, NGO, etc.

How to do Douyin marketing?

Video Content creation

There are many works to do, to create professional appealing video contents to reach out and engage with your Chinese audience. It is a challenge to use the app tools to increase your awareness, contest game, live stream and content marketing.

Douyin Ecommerce

Douyin is different from other Chinese ecommerce. It is the earliest platform to connect its social medias networks with backend eshops. The influencers grow “grass” and harvest from their investment. Douyin allows users to sell on the app, also linking sales from outside websites.

Douyin Native Ads

It is effective to purchase some Douyin ads. Comparing with wechat Ads, Douyin is less expensive. This efficiency is partly due to Douyin's powerful algorithm. Douyin system is able to learn the habits and tastes of each user quickly. Douyin Ads are well integrated and less intrusive.

Douyin KOLs Partner

Douyin app provides a special platform for brands owners to promote their products and services through short videos. The brand owners should take advantage of KOLs reach and collaborate with Douyin KOLs, who usually get paid, but worth your money to carry out unique campaigns.

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