How to do China SEO?

China SEO tutorials are free courses, open to the company owners, marketing and E-commerce managers, consultant agencies. Our tutorials start from some basic knowledge and skills to help you create your China digital marketing plans. Before your investment and exploring China market, you will need our comprehensive workbook templates to refine your plans. We have a guide to quickly help you review and improve your approach when you work on China social media marketing, SEO, or conversion rate optimization.

China SEO Tutorial

To understand Baidu search engine algorithm
It is necessary to understand the algorithm rules of China search engines. Baidu is the main search engine in China. The algorithm rules of Baidu search are very important for your website SEO optimization. Baidu search engine algorithms are applicable to your PC, mobile and applet. Our tutorials will tell you the history stories of the Baidu algorithms having been updated from time to time. While exploring to China digital market, you will find our tutorials are quick start to your SEO strategy, and to help your website to maximize its ranking traffic for a long term.

To find and optimize your Chinese Keywords

On-Page SEO is the core part of the whole SEO work. The effective Chinese keyword research method is your first step to begin your on-page SEO. Our tutorials will help you learn to use Baidu Keywords tool. You will learn the keywords classification and sort by keyword heat, length, search volume and frequency. You learn how to set up the Chinese keywords, title, meta tags and meta description. To make your website structure easier to be captured by spiders; Some websites are favored by China search engines and get better rankings and traffic after having the internal optimization.

How to Increase Link Popularity in China

This tutorial will teach you four methods to build the external links in China, Friend links exchange, the paid high PR link, submitting to pages directory, quality posts on China social medias. Chinese link building is still an important part of the Off-page SEO. But please pay attention to avoid some common mistakes and pitfalls. The correct method will help your link building effective with good result. Please follow our rules, Try to post more external links by guaranteeing good quality; Try to build your external links in the high PR websites, which contents are related to your business industry. Many methods have failed with the progress of China search engine algorithm, and some methods still play an important role. More precautions and advice in our tutorials.

Learn to use China SEO Tools

Our tutorials will help you use three main types of China SEO tools: external analysis tools, webmaster tools and traffic statistical analysis tool. The tool that most Chinese webmasters use is www.chinaz. com. It is a long-time webmaster tool and has been ranked as number one by Baidu. Our tutorials also teach you how to use other SEO tools for the purpose to check Alexa ranking, dead link detection, Key words density detection, PR output value, linking exchange, web page source code, Keyword ranking and competition analysis, website history, Baidu Index and search volume, Baidu network weight, Baidu analysis (collect, rank and data search analysis), Traffic source, Landing page and its bounce rate analysis, Algorithm of PR value, etc.

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