Features of Kuaishou users

  • Most users are young under the age of 30
  • Evenly split between male and female users
  • Users located mostly in Tier 2 and 4 cities in China
  • Average time 60 minutes on the app per day
  • 19 million content creators for digital marketing purpose
  • Lifestyle content 30% of all categories on Kuaishou

Kuaishou Marketing - a Popular Chinese APP

Covid19 leading to a big increase in digital consuming

Covid19 spreading makes lots of Chinese business lockdowns and social isolation, but Covid-19 has led to a fast increase in digital adoption. Kuaishou social media benefits directly from the live-streams.

Investments in e-commerce and live-streaming

Many brands turned to Kuaishou, to connect to their customers via live-streams during lockdown. Investors are interested in a significant increase in live engagement, with big expectation to gain in the Chinese ecommerce market.

Money driving example - Douyin Follower

Douyin has risen to the frontier as a successful leader. That set up a good example to drive Kuaishou to follow up. Kuaishou has actively launched its own eshop system, attracting large amounts of social media influencers to its platform.

Two account types on Kuaishou

Individual Creator Accounts

Individual creator accounts can share and create content, interact with friends, and experience the platform as a standard, non-commercial user.

Business Accounts

Business accounts, on the other hand, can be opened by brands to promote their products, raise brand awareness, and engage directly with fans.

How international brands use Kuaishou?

To produce unique contents on Kuaishou

After providing the necessary business documentation, you will pass the registration and open a business account. Kuaishou is the ideal channel in China to reach young audience. This means producing creative content, such as, videos and livestreams to engage users, and raise brand awareness on the platform.

To advertise on the Kuaishou platform

There are several paid advertising plans for you to choose. These include display ads, newsfeed ads and discover ads. The ads form can be short video clips or banners. You may use the direct traffic to your account profiles, external websites, and e-stores. Each advertising can set to users based their gender, age, location, interests, and behavior on the platform.

To build KOL collaborations on Kuaishou

Partner up with a KOL is an effective way to start your digital marketing. Select a quality KOL with a proven track record. Your Chinese agent understands more to your target consumers. They help you boost e-shop sales, maximize exposure with paid marketing and analyze ROI. They are familiar with China market and know how to use the partnership between Kuaishou and JD.com.

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Hire a Chinese agency to run your Kuaishou Marketing

We work as a Kuaishou Agency, e-store and eCommerce in China. We are based in China and help Brands to open Store on Chinese social media platforms. Our full guide on KOL marketing will help you build an influencer strategy in China. Contact us when you want to realize effective promotion and marketing campaign in China market. WeChat 18918151538