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SEOTalent.Tech Privacy Policy

Like most websites, we collect certain information about you in order to provide the service. We care about your privacy and want to make sure you know what we do with this info. We abide by a few simple privacy principles:

We only ask for enough info to make the site work.
This site thrives on its community and the info and events, answers, checks and reviews that you share on the site. In order to provide these features, you share information with us.

When you post a review, answer, checkin or event attendance, certain information like your review, your comment, your checkin (and location), your rating, and your chosen public name will be posted on the site for all others to see. If you wish to post anonymously, don't use your real name or post any identifying information. We will not post any private information (like your email address) that we have about you.

When you register for the site, we will ask for your real name, your email address and other information so we can help you log into the site and so we can recover your info in case your forget your password. You also have the ability to share information as part of your public profile.

ID Info and Third Party Service

When you contact us, in order to get back to you and to verify that you are a real person, we may ask you for identifying information like your email address, your real name, or your phone number (especially if you manage or own a bar, hotel, or other listed establishment).

When you connect your account to a third party service, that service shares info with us. This site allows you to connect your account to your accounts on other services like facebook, twitter, or foursquare. When you connect, you enable additional functionality on your account, making it easier to share with your friends and this site's visitors. To make these features work, the other service needs to share information with us (eg. to display your profile pic, post your event attendances, or post your mobile checkins). When you ask us to, we can publish information to the other service as well (eg. share this checkin on facebook or twitter). This is completely optional and you can always disable this service from the "My Account" screen. Each of these services also provides their own way to disable the sharing on their site. See the privacy policies for facebook, foursquare, and twitter.

How SEOTalent.Tech uses your Cookies

We use cookies to remember you.
Like nearly all web sites, we use cookies to remember you. This enables us to log you in automatically when you return to the site and other features to save you time. We also use cookies to make sure you don't accidentally rate the same establishment too many times. We also may use these cookies, along with your IP address, to better understand the patterns of usage of our site and how we can make it better.

We also use analytics tools (Google Analytics, Compete, Quantcast, Comscore) that track the usage of the site and may use cookies to do so. We also utilize third-party ad networks and they or an advertiser may use cookies to allow us to retarget ads to you and to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and / or to personalize the advertising content that you see on our site or others.

Your personal information protected

We do not sell or rent user information.
The personal information that you give us stays with us and will not be sold or rented. We may share aggregated information about our visitors, including things like the demographics of our users, but we will not sell or rent personally identifiable information. We may send messages or display targeted advertisements based on personal information, but in these cases, we will choose which ads/messages to display and we will not share your personal information with the advertiser unless we explicitly indicate that we will.

We use email to keep in touch, but you can always unsubscribe
If you give your contact information, we may contact you from time to time via email or regular mail about site updates and changes. You can always unsubscribe from any of these emails if you wish.

If we change our policies, we will post notice here.
If our privacy policy changes, we will post a notice on our site and specifically on this page.


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