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WeChat is more than just a messaging app, it has grown to be the biggest instant messaging app in China. WeChat is known as Weixin in Chinese. Its features are similar in function and form to other social media sites, such as Facebook messenger or Whatsapp. There are 38 billion messages exchanged daily in the Chinese market, while comparing to WhatsApp with its 55 billion daily messages. Apart from using it as a way of communication with friends and family, it is used by Chinese customers to follow and interact with their favorite brands and that is why thousands of companies now sell on WeChat. Our tutorials will share with you some tips to set up a WeChat Store and to sell your products there as an international merchandiser.

1.2 billion active daily WeChat users in China market
Users spending around 82 minutes per day
WeChat users check the app more than 10 times per day

How to start your digital marketing on WeChat ?

Opening a wechat store is far from enough. What you need is a marketing strategy to attract customers to your Official Account and Wechat Store. There are several ways to do it.

  1. Take care of the branding and reputation of your company. A good tailor-made strategy helps you win brand recognition among Chinese customers. If you don’t speak Chinese, you may consider to hiring an agent.
  2. Work with Chinese KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and KOCs (Key opinion Consumers) as partners. They are two types of Chinese social media specialists who can influence the purchasing decisions of others.

3. Working with Chinese influencers

Working with Chinese influencers is another way to bring a large audience of engaged customers to your WeChat Official Account and WeChat Store. The influencers will help you build links directly to your WeChat Stores and boost your brand awareness and reputation.

4. WeChat Advertisement.

There are three main types of WeChat advertising formats; The first one is WeChat Moment ads (ads in feeds); Secondly, Wechat subscription ads appears at the content bottom in form of advertising banners. Thirdly, Banner Ads are the traditional square or rectangular ad formats to appear at the top or bottom of the screen.

Module 1 Work Wechat and Wechat Moments
Unit 1 What is work wechat? What is the difference between Work wechat and personal wechat?
Unit 2 What is wechat search?
Unit 3 What is wechat moments?
Unit 4 How to increase your wechat conversion rate?
Unit 5 Advantages of work wechat
Unit 6 How to set up your persona on work wechat ?
Unit 7 How to make an excellent wechat moments?
Unit 8 How to create contents to target to different audience?
Unit 9 How to manage your fans-list and wechat moments?
Unit 10 Frequently asked questions of work wechat and wechat moments
Module 2 Wechat official account platform
Unit 1 What is wechat official account ?
Unit 2 How to apply for wechat official account?
Unit 3 How to register wechat official account outside of China?
Unit 4 How to name your wechat official account?
Unit 5 Rules to operate your wechat official account
Unit 6 Rules to create your original contents
Unit 7 How to monetize your wechat official account
Module 3 Wechat Video Horn
Unit 1 Rules to manage your wechat video horn
Unit 2 How to create your contents for your wechat video horn?
Unit 3 How to set up your persona?
Unit 4 How to set up the wechat tune and style?
Unit 5 Four styles of contents on wechat video horn
Unit 6 How to operate your wechat video horn?
Unit 7 Skills to build your fans-list on wechat
Module 4 Wechat Mini-Programs
Unit 1 What is wechat Mini-Programs?
Unit 2 Preparations before building your Mini-Programs
Unit 3 Rules to operate your Mini-Programs
Unit 4 Choice of Mini-Programs developers
Module 5 Wechat eShop
Unit 1 How to open your personal wechat eshop?
Unit 2 How to open your company wechat eshop?
Unit 3 How to name your wechat eshop?
Unit 4 Choose the right category of Wechat Merchandise
Unit 5 How to name your franchised eshop? Flagship eshop?
Unit 6 How to set up affiliates system on eshop?
Unit 7 How to promote your eshop on wechat public account platform?
Unit 8 How to connect your eshop to your wechat video horn?
Unit 9 How to broadcast live sales on eshop?
Unit 10 How to create coupon for your eshop?
Unit 11 How to run your eshop?
Unit 12 How to create your merchandise on eshop?
Unit 13 How to handle your orders and delivery on eshop?
Unit 14 How to sales and customer service on eshop
Unit 15 How to check and analyze the data center of your eshop?
Unit 16 How to settle payment with wechat company?
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