Weibo Marketing

Let me introduce Weibo. Sina Weibo is the earliest large Chinese social media platform. Its user base reaches 500 million. As a Chinese blog platform, weibo is your open-source social media to gain information and explore interesting stories about the latest trends or entertainment. While comparing to WeChat, Weibo has a abundant hands-on channels, free posting with music, live streaming, news, business, culture, sports, e-commerce and more. Besides the text contents and infographic, Short videos has kept on growing with its multimedia content consumption and popularity.

How does marketing on Weibo benefit your brand?

Weibo is an open social media that is great for new brands looking to increase awareness and gain followers in China market. To begin marketing on Weibo, you are required to register and verify an official account for your brand. As soon as your account is set up, Weibo provides a vast range of opportunities to engage with potential customers. Weibo has a young user base making it a huge growth potential. Weibo has attracted a large following of outbound Chinese travelers, which can be great for brands looking for a niche audience.

Module 1 How to do wechat marketing? Open the door of social media marketing with Weibo
Unit 1 Why to choose Weibo channel to promote your brand?
Unit 2 What is Weibo corporate verification?
Unit 3 How to register your account on Weibo social media?
Unit 4 How to set up a company profile on Weibo?
Unit 5 How to build your fans-list on Weibo?
Unit 6 How to start your digital marketing on Weibo?
Unit 7 How to manage the public sentiment on Weibo?
Unit 8 How to use Weibo data analysis tool?
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