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Zhihu Marketing 知乎

Zhihu Marketing is another great tool for you to run China B2B marketing. The brand Zhihu 知乎 is usually translated to “Do you know?”. As one large Q&A Chinese platform in China, it is compared to the American website Quora. Zhihu is launched in 2011 in Beijing, and has grown to be the largest Q&A (question and answer) platform. Zhihu has reached more than 420 million registered users upto 2020. The website works similarly like Quora, for users to ask questions and to get answers from the community. There are several competitors in China providing this kind of service, such as, Baidu Zhidao, Soso Wenwen, but Zhihu is more popular among the Chinese users.

Zhihu is more than Quora

Zhihu started as being viewed as a copycat of the US firm Quora. After multiple transformations, as Kai-Fu Lee says, the Chinese service has left its peer far behind. Quora’s business mode is still a Q&A site plus ads, although still a good tool. Zhihu has adapted to Chinese audience and grown to a multi-media platform, its services are mobile user friendly, short video preferable, the paid knowledge being applied, and e-commerce to be added. In 2016 Zhihu started to offer online advertising, introduced paid content in 2018, a paid membership program in 2019, and launched e-commerce in 2020.

74% Zhihu users hold a bachelor’s degree or above
98% Zhihu users are older than 18 years
43.1 million Zhihu content creators up to 2019
Average monthly active users 75.7 million in 2019

Zhihu Marketing - A good channel for China B2B marketing

Zhihu marketing can increase your brand visibility. Zhihu platform has a high domain authority on Baidu. It is also an effective tool for Search Engine Optimization. Linking building on Zhihu will show up on Baidu’s search results pages when customers search a specific topics related with your products and service. Using Baidu’s SERP to boost the exposure of your content and raise brand awareness can help you grow your business.

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There are two sorts of ads available on Zhihu:

1. Newsfeed ads
These advertisements show in a user’s Zhihu personal feed. You can select from the following options:
Open-screen ads
Pop-up ads on the main page
Banner ads on the main page
Trending topics text/card ads
Banner/video ads
Ads on a specific question/answer
Search results ads (for a specific keyword)
Trending ads (appear in the trending searches tab)

2. Zhi+ Ads
Zhi+ is an advertising service that allows you to promote your Zhihu replies (or ads) to a targeted audience on Zhihu who is interested in certain topics.