Conversion Rate Optimization Services. Plan 3

Conversion Rate Optimization Services 

√ Total cost 3 months contract
√ Total man hours 50
√ Four landing page design
√ Landing page implementation
√ A/B Testing
√ Multi variant testing
√ Google website Optimizer
√ Persona (visitors) Analysis
√ Information architecture
√ Page layout & Design
√ Call to action
√ Credibility & trust Symbol
√ User Testing (videos) 1
√ Sales funnel optimization
√ Website conversion Optimization
√ One persuasive content Writing (US$100/ Extra page) 
√ Monthly report
√ Advanced analytics Report
√ Customer support – Email
√ Customer support -Chat
√ Customer support -Telephone

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Conversion rate optimization plan



Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Conversion Rate Optimization Services -Persona analysis

Our conversion rate optimization services experts will perform an in-depth analysis of your website and would highlight the areas that cause conflict in the conversion process. We will figure out the possible reasons, which are missing for a particular persona. The conversion rate optimization services will help us to identify the type of visitors, who gave up your website.

Competitive Analysis and landing page design

We usually proceed with a thorough understanding of your online business goals, before doing competitive research. We need sufficient background information about the strategy that your competitors are using. Our landing page designers will provide you with conversion-friendly layout and plan, which will not only focus on the primary and secondary objectives of your website but also enhance the overall look and feel of your website.

Information Architecture

In order to have well-organized information architecture, we shall provide improving advice, including persuasive copy, product images, comparative charts, customer reviews, testimonial and some other recommendations. Our conversation rate optimization services shall assist you best to increase visitor engagement on your website.

Credibility & Trust

We think building credibility and trust are critical factors, to influence a visitor’s perception about your firm and products. Hence what our experts will assist you is to recognize credibility factor and make “trust” symbol visible during the process of sales and lead generation.

Conversion rate optimization services – Usability Tips 

Our usability specialists will execute tests to try and track the users’ normal steps and follow up how the visitors interact or react on your website by the tool of hotjar. These experiments would enable us to identify which areas of your site are unclear, difficult to find/use, or inappropriate for your visitors’ needs. Our team would then provide you with some practical tips on usability and accessibility, which would assist in making your website more user-friendly.

Sales funnel optimization

Our SEO experts will optimize every step of your sales-funnel. We firstly determine the areas of friction, secondly to find solutions to improve the buying cycle. This will finally and effectively to decrease the bounce rate of the visitors and boost conversions. The overall analysis will be done by our conversion specialists and their recommended suggestions will be given to you in the form of design model.


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