Email Marketing Services – Premium Plan 3

Email Marketing Services
Premium Plan (3) 

√ Subscribers Qty. 5001- 15000
√ Prices US$ 660/month
√ Numbers of campaigns Unlimited
√ Custom email templates 3
√ Landing pages creation 2 ($120 per extra page)
√ Free dashboard Website form lead tracking
√ Auto responders
√ Forward to a friend
√ Personalized email
√ Sending time schedule
√ Proof Testing A to B
√ List data import
√ Unsubscribes menu
√ List saved with saved searches
√ Open rates reporting Weekly/monthly
√ Tracking clicks reporting Weekly/ monthly
√ Create online survey
√ No duplicate responses
√ Skype chat clients support
√ Clients support by email

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Email marketing services

Email marketing services promote more conversion

  • Create lists of contacts together with clients.
  • Remove invalid emails from the list.
  • Segment the customers based on source, geography, interests, services offered.
  • Create an email engagement planner.
  • Create custom emails templates and landing pages.
  • Website form lead tracking.
  • Proof testing A to B.
  • Weekly open rate and tracking clicks reporting.

Email marketing services – Professional content writing 

We personalize your emails to maintain brand consistency. The emails provide easy option for customer to unsubscribe. Introduce urgency in emails (timers). Ensure the email is mobile friendly. Main focus of the email highlighted clearly. Single goal reiterated (to shop) . Well designed emails will use GIF image and stand out in a smart way. Good use of background colors to divide a long email. Clear well defined CTA blocks. Email space has been every wisely used.

Properly authenticated email marketing services

  • SPF – Sender Policy Framework (Mailed by valid sender)
  • DKIM – DomainKeys Identified Mail (Signed by valid sender)
  • DMARC – Domain Based Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (Framework to ensure SPF & DKIM are followed)
  • Email Headers correctly highlighted
  • Check user Email engagement history, past opens/clicks/engagement history with sender
  • Monitoring IP reputation and blacklists

Track email performance  by general bench marks

  • Unique opens is normal to see 10-20% for a valid contact database
  • 30% and above consistently is a very good open rate
  • Unique clicks Is generally 10% of the open rate
  • If the open rate is 20%, click rate will be ~2%
  • Bounces more than 15% is a red flag
  • Unsubscribes more than 5% is a red flag
  • Complaints more than 0.1% will easily evoke SPAM.

Email marketing services – Good email tools

  • Maichimp and other tools give an easy drag & drop and HTML design
  • Generate open/click/other stats
  • Maintain suppressed lists
  • Choose reliable servers with good reputation
  • Provide auto responders /rule based email automation
  • Supports easy segmentation of contact lists
  • A/B testing
  • No SPAM
  • Check IP Reputation of email sending server
  • Check Domain reputation of sender
  • Presence on Email Reputation tracking Blacklists
  • Check sending practices of inconsistent Email 


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