Twitter Marketing Services. Plan 2

Twitter Marketing Services

Professional plan (2)

√ US$269/month
√ Twitter Account Creation and Management
√ Content Writing (Bio)
√ Twitter Header image
√ Updating Tweets 40/Month
√ Increase in Followers 200/month
√ Follow Relevant People
√ Retweets / Favorites
√ Respond to Replies and Mentions
√ Respond to Direct Messages
√ Spam Monitoring
√ Use of Relevant #tags
√ Use of Poll / Pin Tweets
√ Custom Vanity URL
√ Custom Video Creation ($350/video)
√ Integrating Social Button on Website
√ Twitter Ads Management
Twitter Ad Campaign up to 2 variations
Promote Tweet, Increase Followers
√ Dashboard [Analytics worth $19 Free]
√ Progress Report (Weekly/Monthly)
√ Support (Email/Chat/Call)

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Twitter Marketing Services – Create unique content

Only the unique content can satisfy the readers, who thinks the relevant and valuable content can solve their pain points. It is worth their attention on social media and possible to be engaged with more global followers.

Tweet the same content more than once…

It is usual to tweet your same content more than once. Unlike most social networks, the chronological timeline displays tweets from everyone you follow in one continuous stream. This algorithm leads to a single sweet about your newest blog post will be missed by a large number of your followers. One report suggests that the second or third tweet relative subject may generate better than the first. There are more engaging and interesting feeds to modify the text and image of the tweet differently each time.

Twitter Marketing Services – Be consistent

To focus on a specific identity rather than trying to touch everything to all audience, which is tactic easily said but difficult executed. It is an easy way to lose followers if you publish a stream of unrelated fragmented posts. That is why we pay attention to industry news and read other professional posts and think before replying.

Twitter marketing services for curation

Be a resource, not an advertiser.
By sharing highly relevant content from other sources, you position your brand as an authority. If you can be a helpful source of information for your industry, your own content appears as another helpful piece of content rather than pure self-promotion which is least trustworthy.
“The number of people publishing content on social networks is growing at a staggering rate. Standing out means not trying to be all things to all people. Stand for something specific and focus on going deep on that topic with your messaging, engagement, connections and content. Become the best answer for what you want to be influential about, and stand out by being unique.”Lee Odden (@leeodden)

Use social media to find fresh content

The more channels you can discover content through, the more sources you are likely to be able to share. “On social networks be helpful 85 percent of the time by sharing and engaging, 10 percent publish original content and less than 5 percent talk about what your organization does.”David Meerman Scott (@dmscott)

Make your tweets good-looking

Using link shorteners is better way to make your tweets look shorter and neater. Another visual way is to add videos and images which makes your tweets stand out and look more attractive. Twitter research has shown that videos gain 2.8 times more retweets than tweets without. Buffer found that tweets with images earn 1.5 times the engagement. Here are the right size images to custom make. Your header photo should be 1500 x 500 pixels. Your profile photo should be square, and is recommended to be 400 x 400 pixels. In-stream images should be a minimum of 440 x 220 pixels.

Write a perfect Bio

Writing an engaging bio that clearly explains what you do will help people to know whether they want to follow you or not. Include a link to your website to drive referral traffic and allow users to discover more.

Twitter marketing services for higher engagement

  • Perfect your timing
    The studies show that to outline best time to post can increase more engagement. Your tweets will gain the most exposure when more audiences appear online.
  • Make sharing easy
    WordPress plugins, such as Click to tweet or the Digg Digg, are useful tools to allow readers to share posts directly from your blog. It is smart to make it easy for readers to share your post using only several clicks.
  • Respond to questions quickly
    Twitter marketing services can make customer care cheaper, deliver quicker response times and lead to happier customers. When Tweeting a brand, 42% of survey respondents want a response within an hour. 57% expect the same level of response regardless of the time of day.
  • Schedule your Tweets
    Tools such as Hootsuite allow you to schedule tweets, meaning you can get the whole day’s worth of tweeting done first thing in the morning, and cover the weekends too. This allows you to plan out your Tweets and promote each piece of content multiple times.
  • Create a competition
    Competitions can drive a lot of engagement. You need to make sure it is fitting for your audience, but done well a good giveaway can increase engagement and expand your reach.
  • Twitter chats
    Twitter chats can help build authority, help you connect with customers and prospects, promote your brand beyond your usual audience and increase your reach.


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