Linkedin Marketing Solutions – Plan 2

Linkedin Marketing Solutions
Professional Plan (2)

√ US$169/month
√ Creating and managing user profile
√ Creating and managing company page
√ Banner creation
√ Keyword based content creation 40/m
√ Add relevant people in profile 10/week
√ Back-linking via posts
√ Pulse (additional $30 per cost)
√ Custom vanity URL
√ Sharing content across appropriate groups – 2/week
√ Linkedin ads management($140/m)
√ Dashboard analytics
√ Progress report (weekly/monthly)
√ Support (email/chat/call)


Linkedin marketing solutions

Linkedin Marketing solutions drive traffic, leads and business

There are 90% social traffic coming from three big networks, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, with half of it coming from LinkedIn. LinkedIn has been shown to be 277% more effective than other social networks if we compare the lead conversion. In the field of B2B, 95% marketers find Linkedin more effective for lead generation. More sales are generated for B2B marketers continually by Linkedin.

Make content impressive

Our linkedin marketing solutions is to draft the titles usually between 40 to 49 characters long; Some relevant images are added, eight to nine images look best, but not videos. Use “How-to” and list-style headlines instead of questions. The subheadings are put on each passage to evenly break the long form content. The neutral voice better than positive or negative reads more natural. When you find other useful, relevant contents, you can also share it on Linkedin. Your official website blogs should offer an easy way to share new blog on your Linkedin.

Find good potential Linkedin groups

We usually start to check out the LinkedIn profiles of your prospects and clients to see what groups they belong to; who may become your good referral partners; Search for keywords relevant to your potential clients and their lines of business, trade associations, looking for groups related to your industrial conferences you attend. Some Linkedin profiles can help you find others you network with.

Analyze and evaluate groups

The group statistics reveal the number of members, amount of comments, and member locations, seniority, functions, and industry. We check out and analyze the right size; if the group size is between one or two hundreds which may not have sufficient active members; if the groups have tens of thousands members, it might be lack of enough attraction or attention to establish real connections. You are supposed to match to your focusing group when you are targeting a specific demographic, such as, location, function or seniority.

Creative Ways To Grow Your Group

Linkedin marketing solutions suggest to look for other ways to promote your group when you have exhausted your personal connections. 

  • Announce your group on LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other social media where you have a significant presence.
  • Include a link to the group in your email signature.
  • Include a call to action on your website to join the group.
  • Experiment with LinkedIn advertising to grow the group.
  • Send out an email broadcast to your list, including the group benefits.
  • Write a blog post referencing a hot topic being discussed in the group, including a link to the group as your post’s Call to Action.
  • Announce the group at speaking engagements and webinars.
  • Add Featured Groups so that the groups to your company’s LinkedIn page so that your group is obvious when people visit.

Play rules for LinkedIn Group Participation

Our linkedin marketing solutions is to join in the relevant conversations when we can add something of value. Dialogue writers like clear, polite comments direct to the point.  We should pose us to establish relationships and provide useful information, instead of self-promotion. It is appropriate to start discussions by asking questions or an opinion on a piece of content. The content can be your own or other case studies of companies in the relevant industries as long as your sharing is relevant with the groups. The groups members do not appreciate it if you are too self-promotional, to start a dialogue and then keep silent, or to use aggressive wording, or to use blog post several years ago.

Linkedin marketing solutions help you establish a connection.

Once you have identified someone you like to connect with, you may join groups they are a member of, let us repeat it again, where you can add value. If you can find a reference started by your prospect, you will involve their discussions of those groups. Reach out with an invitation to connect or invite your “friends” to join your LinkedIn group. As a return of their invitation, share the benefits of being in the group, and contribute to the topics of some recent discussions. Create a stunning email, if possible, send the email to their regular email address instead of via LinkedIn.

Paid Ads to Reach Your Target Market

LinkedIn has done a great job of providing advanced targeting options, the paid advertising is considerable to complement your marketing efforts. We can help you create landing page and ad campaign, craft well offers to address issues your clients care for. LinkedIn allows you to target by: group membership, demographics, Specific locations, job titles and companies.

Make a working list on LinkedIn

Let us make a working list, the linkedin marketing solutions :

  • Figure out your LinkedIn goals
  • Optimize your company and personal profile
  • Sort out and connect with your contacts and clients
  • Ask for recommendations from people you’ve worked with
  • Create a list and channel for sharing content
  • Search to join relevant groups
  • Create groups and invite users to join

Continue to actively connect and share

Our Linkedin marketing solutions will work through the following:

  • Recruit for your LinkedIn group if you decide to setup group;
  • Share in the groups you belong to: comment and start discussions. At a minimum, participate weekly in groups you own
  • Update your LinkedIn status
  • Build a prospect list and reach out to individuals on your list
  • Check who has viewed your profile and reach out to those who are potential prospects or partners
  • On at least a quarterly basis, reassess your profile and adjust as needed.
  • On at least a quarterly basis (more often to start), evaluate your group participation. Leave groups that don’t meet your purpose and join new groups that might.


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